The football player claims £55,000 for his injuries after the crash and scored a miraculous goal on the Soccer AM

A football player who claimed £55,000 for injury after a car accident was shockedly caught after his miraculous goal appeared on Soccer AM.

Callum Saunders, 33, told the insurance company Aviva that he was unable to play his favorite sports or work as a plasterer because of a right foot injury.


33-year-old Callum Sanders scored an own goal after submitting a false insurance claim and was spotted by footage broadcast on Soccer AMCredit: Twitter/@CalzSaunders

But after the amateur star aired his goal against Sanqiao FC on Sky TV’s Football AM and YouTube, he was a sensation, with the headline “The Cleanest Strike You Will See Today”.

After his white van collided, the evidence he submitted to Aviva triggered a red flag and initiated an insurance fraud investigation.

Aviva called the lawyers because they feared that Sanders had exaggerated the extent of his injuries and tried to get a larger payment.

When Clyde & Co investigators delved into his social media accounts, they found multiple Twitter posts by the 33-year-old player bragging about playing for Hayward Heath in the Isthmus League.

Sanders was further accused by multiple clips on the team’s YouTube channel, which showed that he had played for the West Sussex team multiple times.

The video of his strike on the third bridge then gave up the game because his right foot scored from the center line-he claimed he was injured.

He claimed to be unable to work or play due to injury, but he scored from Haywards Heath’s center line


He claimed to be unable to work or play due to injury, but he scored from Haywards Heath’s center lineCredit: SoccerAM

In a clip on Soccer AM’s Twitter account, he was seen celebrating with his teammates in the second goal of the game, ensuring that the team won 4-3-which has been viewed nearly 60,000 times.

A few weeks later, Sanders forged a document claiming that he was “at a permanent disadvantage in the open labor market” and demanded only £17,300 for this.

The plasterer of Horsham FC, currently playing for the Premier League of the Isthmus League, was hit by evidence from the Soccer AM program after submitting a false statement.

Damian Rourke, who led the Clyde & Co investigation, said: “Callum Saunders is likely to be happy with his Soccer AM appearance. But in the end, it turned into a huge own goal.”

A judge in the Brighton County Court stated that his claim was “fundamentally dishonest.”

He had to agree to withdraw the claim and pay a fee of £5,000.

“Having been lying to increase the amount he thinks he can claim, our investigation shows that his behavior is dishonest,” Mr. Rourke added.

Aviva’s casualty claims leader Rob Lee said: “Sanders clearly believes that his minor injury claim is an open goal. He does not expect Aviva to resolve the fraud claims and prevent the fraudsters from moving forward.”

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