The Duchess will return to England with Harry in September and plans to hold another commemorative event

Meghan Markle’s former diplomat Uncle Mike dies at the age of 82

Sources told The Sun that Markle, known as Mike, has been battling Parkinson’s disease and has fallen in recent years.

A source said: “Mike is a lovely, gentle, soft-spoken old man.

“He is always happy to be asked about Megan, but whenever he talks to anyone, he mainly wants to talk about his late wife-he loves her very much.”

It is said that after the death of his wife, Markle has moved from his home in Oregon to a place closer to his daughter.

A source said that there, despite his illness, Markle managed to maintain his independence while living in the trailer community.

According to sources, Mike is “very proud” of Meghan and hopes he will have the opportunity to meet Harry.

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