The driver was arrested after hitting the nail strip

The driver was arrested after hitting the nail strip


Lemon Grove, California (CNS) – After trying to bypass the drunk driving checkpoint in Lemon Grove on Saturday, authorities allegedly threw a nail strap across the road to stop an SUV and Arrest the driver.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, after the driver drove through the checkpoint, the police chased the driver and eventually paralyzed the vehicle with a timely nail strip. The video showed a deputy standing on the sidewalk, throwing the device across the road and falling between the truck tires.

Soon after, the driver stopped due to a flat tire and surrendered. Authorities said he was arrested on suspicion of evading the sheriff and driving the suspension of his license.

Montan said that between 8pm on Saturday night and 1:30am on Sunday, 11 deputies checked in the 7900 block of Broadway.

The sergeant said that of the 473 vehicles that passed the checkpoint, 81 were directed to the secondary inspection area for further evaluation. No arrests due to alcohol or drug damage.

Meng Tan said that a driver was arrested on a felony arrest warrant and another driver was arrested for evading a felony.

He said that the delegates cited 27 drivers who had their driving licenses revoked or had their driving licenses revoked or did not have their driving licenses.

Twelve vehicles were seized.

Funding for this operation was provided by the California Office of Traffic Safety.

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