Shelter Island closes traffic before Big Bay Boom

Shelter Island closes traffic before Big Bay Boom



San Diego-On Sunday afternoon, before the Great Bay fireworks display, Sanctuary Island is closed to vehicles.

The Port of San Diego police tweeted about the closure after 3:15 pm, adding that only vehicles with a permit can pass.

The driver can let other people get off the car, but cannot park on the refuge island.

Those who are not residents of the island will have to park their car elsewhere and walk to the refuge island.

The execution time of the closure was earlier than expected this year. In 2019, the police did not close the passage until 5 pm

Other parking options include:

  • San Diego International Airport
  • Harbour Island Car Park
  • Spain landing parking lot
  • Navy Pier Parking Lot
  • B Street Parking Lot
  • Parking lot near the San Diego Convention Center
  • San Diego Bay Front Garage
  • Harbour village

The police stated that they expected more than 500,000 spectators this year.


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