Michael Gove’s latest divorce-Conservative Party MP and journalist Sarah Teng “separated” after 20 years of marriage

VINE advises Westminster to come from politicians and their families

In an article about the resignation of Matt Hancock, the former Minister of Health, Vine wrote about how life in Westminster created barriers between partners.

In an enlightening column, she said: “Unless someone is ready to take over the other parts of your life, it will be difficult to do these high-level, high-pressure, and high-risk jobs.

“But the problem is that this will inevitably put you on a different track. You have become so entrenched in your respective roles that you start to alienate.

“For politicians seeking to escape family life, Westminster is a distracting place.

“When you feel isolated from the world like that, because power is an aphrodisiac, so you can imagine how to change from a happy marriage to the kind of person who is unfortunately caught by CCTV. This does not require a huge leap of imagination. Hancock ‘S behavior may be shocking, but given the context, it is completely predictable.”

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