Hugo is the only boy who does not shave because Faye revealed that the main botulinum toxin failed

Hugo is the only boy who does not shave because Faye revealed that the main botulinum toxin failed


Faye Winters of LOVE Island revealed that her botulinum toxin failed badly.

The 26-year-old real estate agent from Devon explained that her eyebrows drooped after the injection was wrong.

“I was injected with Botox, but my Botox injection was wrong,” she said on Unseen Bits last night.

“Fortunately I have some exercise now, I never want to fight Botox anymore

“But my eyebrows have fallen off. Fortunately, they are now worn off.”

“So I thought,’Gosh,'” she said.

But they did give her a solution-in the end she drove the M5 and placed the vibrator on her forehead.

“The worst thing is that I drove from home to London, and they said just put the toothbrush on it, because the vibration will start to move the muscles,” she explained.

But Faye’s toothbrush was in the trunk of her car, so she ended up using her vibrator.

“I wore the damn vibrator on my forehead and drove to London.”

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  • Alan Francis

    Rachel said: Before entering the villa: “Aaron is very attractive and looks very down-to-earth,” she said before entering the villa.

    “Our work is very similar, so I think we will have interesting conversations.”

  • Who is this?

    Love Island’s new blockbuster Rachel Fanny revealed the people she followed in the villa.

    This 29-year-old luxury travel expert from London was faltering after an explosive re-coupling saw Brad McClelland with Chagas Wallis I left.

    Read the full text Here.

  • So when can you watch the epic series tonight?

    Love Island will continue to air on ITV2 and ITV Hub at 9pm tonight.Watch the episode on BritBo the next morningX.

  • But who would choose Rachel?

    Luxury travel experts said frankly: “It’s not easy at all. I think you are amazing people in every way…

    “I can never blame any of you.”

  • Beach Hut Confessions

    Speaking of Rachel, Chaggs said: “She was full of energy. She hit you with this kind of electricity. I can definitely see that I get along well with her.”

  • Beach Hut Confessions

    Speaking of Chagas, Rachel said: “I don’t think I even touched the surface. I don’t know anything about him. I want to know about Chagas.”

  • Brad type on paper

    After the beauty asked Jodi handsome Brad his type, he replied: “That’s why I started laughing when I saw Jack looking at me.

    “Jack said,’I can’t even see her, I can see that she is the type you like because of your reaction’.”

  • grafting

    Then Rachel and Brad went to chat…

  • brutal

    But Rachel wanted to know if he was just using her to stay in the villa.

    Luxury travel expert asked: “Do you think I am attractive or do you just want to protect yourself?”

  • CHUGGS tried to impress RACHEL

    He told her: “You are very confident-I like it. You are arrogant.”

    “I am. Why not be confident? What is the worst possible scenario?” Rachel replied.

  • Don’t give up too much!

    “The guy here, who caught your eye?” Rachel was asked by the islander Katz when she arrived.

    However, the stunner put her card on her chest.

    “That will explain the problem,” she replied.

  • Who will she choose?

    Tonight’s show will see luxury travel experts Rachel, 29, Before choosing to reunite with one of them, try to get to know the single boys Chuggs and Brad.

    The boy she decides to disagree with will be sent home…

  • Rachel’s big decision

    After kissing in tonight’s show, the new girl Rachel will plunge into the abyss and make a decision between Chaggs and Brad.

    Face after Champ Entrepreneur Chuggs I don’t know if he just “grafted” and stayed in the villa. She was glanced at by Brad Jodi, who was leaning there and wanted to kiss…

  • The sexiest man on Love Island in 2021

    After guiding their inner James Bond, will the girls vote as the sexiest guy in the villa?

  • Not so sexy…

    When Jack was going to save freedom, he tried to take off his pants.

    He admitted: “In my mind I am a magician, but in fact I can’t take off my pants!”

  • ‘Golden Tramp’

    During the challenge, Katz certainly enjoyed watching many of her Tobys.

    In the beach hut, she joked: “I think everyone needs to forget the man with the golden gun, because Toby is the man with the golden ass!”

  • Rachel is a fan of Brad

    “This is definitely 00 heaven for me, because I have double happiness and double happiness,” the 29-year-old blockbuster told the camera.

  • Not enthusiastic?

    “Considering our situation, this is a good kiss,” Brad said afterwards.

  • Go in there!

    New girl Rachel and Brad McClelland There is also a hot kiss tonight…

  • Who do you think it is?

    Freedom and Jack? Katz and Toby? Or newbies Rachel and Chaggs/Brad?

  • New couple reminder! ! !

    Faye and Liam are not the only two sharing kisses tonight…

  • ‘everywhere’

    “This is not a real first kiss, but a lot of slime,” Faye said in the beach hut next to Liam.

    “A lot has happened. Mucus and mucus are everywhere.”

  • ‘everywhere’

    Although covered in mucus, when Liam leaned inside, it didn’t stop them from enjoying romantic moments together…

  • ‘everywhere’

    Faye Wong, 26 years old, And the Welsh guy Liam, 21 years old, Since the real estate agent rejected her former partner Brad McClelland, their relationship has grown closer.

    Tonight, the couple will enjoy their first kiss after Liam rescued his girl from the “Undercover Lover” challenge.

  • spoiler

    Tonight’s episode will see the boys show off their inner heroes as they rescue their maiden from a despicable villain who throws blue slime.

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