Despite the surge in Delta variants, the UK will still lift the final restrictions on COVID Coronavirus pandemic news

Despite the surge in Delta variants, the UK will still lift the final restrictions on COVID Coronavirus pandemic news


Although scientists have expressed concerns about the level of cases, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce the move at a press conference on Monday.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce further relaxation of coronavirus restrictions on England later on Monday. Despite the surge in daily cases related to the Delta variant, he said that people must learn to coexist with the virus and “exercise” on the go. “Judgment” is about their daily lives.

When Johnson delivered a speech at a press conference on Monday, he was expected to advance the final phase of a four-step plan to lift the blockade and “restor people’s freedom.” The fourth step, which is scheduled to take effect on July 19, will mean canceling the requirement to wear masks, ending social distancing, and resuming large-scale events.

“Due to the successful launch of our vaccination program, we are cautiously adopting our roadmap,” Johnson said in a statement before the announcement on Sunday. “Today, we will explain how to restore people’s freedom when we reach step 4.

“But I must emphasize that the pandemic is not over and the number of cases will continue to increase in the coming weeks. When we start to learn to coexist with this virus, we must all continue to carefully manage the risks posed by COVID and make decisions in our lives. judgment.”

Although the number of coronavirus cases has risen to the highest level since January, the relaxation of regulations seems to continue.

The number of daily cases on Sunday reached 24,248, with 15 deaths.

The government stated that as of July 4, the UK had received more than 78 million doses of the vaccine, of which 63.4% of adults had received two doses.

In view of the proliferation of Delta variants, the British Medical Association (BMA) expressed concern about the cancellation of all measures to contain the spread of the virus.

BMA Chairman Chaand Nagpaul told Sunrise Radio on Sunday that the government should continue to take “wise targeted coronavirus measures” and act on “data rather than date” when making decisions to protect people’s lives.

The recently appointed Health Minister Sajid Javid is expected to announce the details of the relaxation in Parliament before Johnson’s media meeting.

In a column in the Right-wing Post on Sunday, Javid said that people need to learn to coexist with the coronavirus like a flu, and that the country is “hopeful” as planned to lift the lockdown on July 19. The decentralized Britain has a different reopening schedule, and Scotland’s target is August 9.

“We will have a country that is not only freer, but also healthier,” Javid wrote.

Officials said that data from the Department of Public Health of the United Kingdom showed that the COVID vaccine is very effective for serious diseases and hospitalizations of Delta variants. Pfizer-BioNTech has an effective rate of 96%, and Oxford-AstraZeneca is vaccinating The effective rate for hospitalization after two doses was 92%.

The government is also preparing to provide a third dose of “booster” to the most vulnerable and everyone over the age of 50 to improve their immunity during the winter.

The ministers will make the final decision on reopening on July 12.

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