Kane speaks

England superstar Harry Kane admits that the team is on the right path, but insists that the work has not yet been completed.

Kane told BBC One: “The performance in a big game is really amazing.

“We are a popular candidate. The pressure is high and the expectations are high. The performance is very good. Once again there were zero sheets and four goals. It was a perfect night for us.

“We are building [clean sheets]. We have a great unit from front to back. This is an important part of winning games and tournaments.

“We are about to usher in an important semi-final. We are on the right path.

“This is where we want to go. We set what we want to achieve before the World Cup. We are achieving it step by step. The World Cup is great, but we didn’t do it. We did well in the game. The National League, We have entered the semi-finals again.

“Now that the line is crossed, we must take the next step on Wednesday.

“We have more experience [than 2018]. We have been playing for our club in major competitions-the UEFA Champions League final, the Premier League championship battle. We look very confident. Hope we can continue to do so.

“The work is not finished yet. There is still a lot of football to play.

“It’s always good to score early in the game. It feels great to help the team. There is a lot of discussion about me and my performance. But I just prepared for the next game and tried to lead this team to Victory in the European Finals”

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