A few days after New York’s IPO, China cracked down on ride-hailing app Didi

A few days after New York’s IPO, China cracked down on ride-hailing app Didi



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China’s cybersecurity regulator has ordered Didi Remove domestic app stores Just a few days after the ride-hailing giant raised $4.4 billion in the largest Chinese listing since Alibaba in 2014.

China’s National Internet Information Office stated on Sunday evening that Didi’s application “has a serious violation of the law concerning the collection and use of personal information”.

The decision was made two days after CAC’s announcement Cybersecurity review Entering this technology company, the stock price fell 5.3% to $15.52 on Friday.Company shares Start trading It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday at a price of $14.

Didi has more than 377 million users and 13 million drivers in China every year. The company has a lot of data, from the addresses users frequently use to their phone contacts and recordings of the car, which it began to collect after the passenger murder in 2018.

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