Woman feels angry after strangers “won’t leave after eating a picnic in her garden and taking up space outside the kitchen window”

Woman feels angry after strangers “won’t leave after eating a picnic in her garden and taking up space outside the kitchen window”



After a couple sat down for a picnic in her garden, a woman angrily refused to leave.

The stunned homeowner recounted the anger after a stranger had dinner outside her kitchen window.


A couple having a picnic in the woman’s private garden (infographic)Credit: Alami

Writing on parenting forums Mother net, The lady said that this is not the first time such a strange incident has occurred.

She explained how a “popular sidewalk” passes through her property, and people usually think of her garden as a good place for a picnic-even though the land around the sidewalk is privately owned by her family.

In a post, she said: “I have told them this is private property and not part of the sidewalk passing by. Obviously they will be on the road soon.

“I don’t dare to say anything anymore, but I passively and actively water the hanging basket about 5m away from them. They are very deliberate not to make eye contact with me.

“We have a popular sidewalk pass next to the house, and I think because of the sidewalk, people think our garden is some kind of public park.

“This is not the first time it has happened (I often joke about putting some picnic chairs and recharging) but it is the first time they haven’t moved when asked…

“It’s weird. Whenever people do this, they always sit in almost exactly the same position and look directly at the kitchen window.”

She added: “My theory is that this is the first suitable shadow on the sidewalk a few miles away. But it’s not even that sunny today.

“Maybe people just think that because this is a farm, they can sit where they like, even if it’s in front of my gooseberry field.”

‘Take your hose out’

Forum posts attracted hundreds of replies, and people provided useful tips to prevent future intruders from entering the garden.

“I think the private property sign on the sidewalk of the bullpen would help, if it doesn’t exist there,” one said.

Another shared her frustration, writing: “When I grew up on a very popular walking route, we often encountered this situation.

“My brother and I started serving cream tea, so if they want to sit down, they will have to spend money!”

The third person said: “Say if they don’t move on, you have to call the police. Take pictures or videos of them. Go in and lock the door and call the police.”

Another user joked: “Take your hose out and start watering.”

The angry lady said that after the couple finished their picnic, they got up and went on a walk.

The lady told the forum: “They are gone now. Just got up and kept walking. I don’t know, I think this is obviously private property…unless you believe that all the grass near the sidewalk is a fair game?

“To get here, they must walk through at least a few miles of open woodland. Then they left the main walking route and passed through the farm gate and the bullpen, which had a’private, no vehicles’ sign (but there was also a Arrow on the public sidewalk).

“Just outside the house in front, there is a steep grass, a low wall at the bottom with some flowers growing inside, a piece of vegetable and a gate to the top field, where it flattens. They sit on the steep Bank location.”

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