UEFA Euro 2020 live broadcast: Spinazzola “is out for months” after Achilles tendon injury, England vs. Ukraine

UEFA Euro 2020 live broadcast: Spinazzola “is out for months” after Achilles tendon injury, England vs. Ukraine



Good Morning Euro 2020 fans

After winning both sides last night, Italy will face Spain in the first semi-final at Wembley Stadium.

After a 1-1 draw with Switzerland in regular time, the Spaniard narrowly defeated Switzerland with a 3-1 score, which remained unchanged in overtime.

Before Xherdan Shaqiri used some hasty defense to rewrite the score to 1-1 in the second half, Jordi Alba led Spain 1-0 in ten minutes.

In Munich, Italy beat Belgium 2-1 in a wonderful match.

Roberto Mancini’s team led 2-0 thanks to the goals of Niccolo Barrera and Lorenzo Insigne.

But shortly after Insigne’s miraculous strike on the 44th minute, Romelu Lukaku took a penalty at the end of the half and rewritten the score to 2-1.

Roberto Martinez’s Red Devils panted after a break and had a few huge opportunities, but didn’t get the friction of the green.

Italy will face Spain on Tuesday to determine who will enter the final.

When England play against Ukraine in Rome and the Czech Republic against Denmark, fans will have a better idea of ??who the other finalist might be tonight.

After Bukayo Saka was hit in training, the Three Lions were sweating profusely for his health.

But England legend Paul Gascoigne said that if we fully support the boss Gareth Southgate, the Three Lions can win the European Cup.

The legend Gaza told fans and players before the quarter-finals with Ukraine in Rome tonight: “If we believe in Gareth, everything else will be fine.”

Gazza’s roar of the Three Lions battle came, and Captain Harry Kane got off the plane to prepare to deal with Ukraine.

He urged domestic and Italian supporters to play their part. He told The Sun: “It is vital to get as many English fans as possible to participate in the game, and most importantly, to support Gareth. He is everything to us. The answer, we need to trust him.”

The 54-year-old Gazza was the hero of the England team in the 1996 World Cup. He returned to Southgate after suffering a penalty kick in the semi-final against Germany.

The former Spurs and Lazio ace added: “I know Gareth well and we are still good partners, so I know he has the ability to take us all the way. He is the key.”


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