Tucker Carlson criticized the “joke” Kamala Harris as a “power-hungry clown” on the border and said she was running the country

Tucker Carlson named the “joke” Kamala Harris as the “power-hungry clown” in the border crisis and said that she was “administering the country.”

The angry host claimed that “no one thinks that Joe Biden is actually running the White House.”


The stern Tucker Carlson said Kamala Harris did not do much to helpCredit: Fox
Carlson added that because of Kamala Harris, the wave of immigration has become a


Carlson added that because of Kamala Harris, the wave of immigration has become a “tsunami”Credit: Reuters

He referred to Kamala Harris as the “power-hungry clown” on Fox News.

Carlson growled: “She is a joke. She can barely get through this day. She doesn’t know what she is doing.”

Speaking of the US-Mexico border crisis, he added that the wave of immigration has become a “tsunami.”

In his Friday night show, Carlson mocked Harris and asked “If Joe Biden is not doing things,” then who is the one who is in charge of the United States.

Carlson described the vice president as a “joking” and “pretending to be a competent adult.” Carlson added that people around her must “shut up and accept Kamara’s rule over you.”

Tucker Carlson doesn't think Joe Biden is really in power


Tucker Carlson doesn’t think Joe Biden is really in powerCredit: Agence France-Presse

He complained: “Point out that she is a power-hungry clown pretending to be a competent adult, and they will immediately condemn you as a racist.

“A lot of people, especially in the news media, still find that the idea of ??being called a racist is the scariest thing they can imagine. It’s more scary than death.

“So they will do anything to avoid it, including ignoring Kamala Harris’ obvious mediocrity. So they barely hide her.

“Kamala Harris may be one of the least impressive people in public life, but on some days, she seems to be running our country.

“Last month, the President of Mexico raised this point.”

Obrador said: “The meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris was very good. I called her the’President’ and it was great.”

Carlson continued his curse: “Obrador is not the only one. The President of the United States calls her the President.

“In this country, voters have concluded that, in fact, she is.”

He cited a new poll on American political leadership by the Trafalgar Group and the National Assembly.

The opinionated host said that the vice president is really


The opinionated host said that the vice president is really “responsible”Credit: Alami

It questioned Americans who they thought was running the federal government.

The host said: “In a survey of potential voters, most American voters stated that Joe Biden is not the real person in charge.

“And it’s not just Republicans who think so. One-third of Democrats say Biden is really in power. The other 10% are not sure.”

“Outside this channel, no one on TV can say the obvious thing, that is, Biden can’t really do his job.”

He responded to the comment of the popular podcast host Joe Logan, saying: “Joe Biden is the president, he is our leader… [but] He would hardly stay there. “

Carlson added: “We didn’t talk too much about Biden’s decline in this show because it was frustrating, and our default stance is always to respect the elderly…so mocking them is bad karma.

“But as far as Biden is concerned, this is clearly correct. The question is, if Biden is not, who is really in charge?

“In more and more cases, Kamala Harris seems to be managing things.

“If you believe in democracy, this is a problem.

“There is no large group of people who want Harris to control this country.

“She got the job… completely by default.”

Friday Sun Online reports on the chaos in Harris’ team -After several government officials described her office as “s**tshow”.

The apparent confusion is detailed first by mePolitico reportThis also reveals the long-standing tension between the vice president’s staff and President Biden’s staff.

More than a dozen former and current staff members described the Harris office environment as “toxic” and said they were low morale, lack of trust, and frequent interruptions in communication.

A source said: “People are thrown under the bus from the highest point. The fuse is short. This is an abusive environment.”

“This is not a healthy environment and people often feel abused. This is not a place where people feel supported, but a place where people feel treated,” they claim.

Report According to reports, dysfunction is causing some Democrats Questioned whether Harris can successfully participate in the 2024 presidential race if the 81-year-old Biden decides to retire.

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