The death toll from the collapse of an apartment in Florida rises to 24, and the remaining buildings will be demolished

The death toll from the collapse of an apartment in Florida rises to 24, and the remaining buildings will be demolished



Officials said on Saturday that demolition workers plan to demolish the rest of a collapsed apartment building in Surfside, Florida, before the onset of Sunday’s storm, heightening concerns that the damaged structure may collapse on its own.

At the same time, Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava (Daniella Levine Cava) said that two more bodies were found in the rubble, bringing the confirmed death toll to 24. The number of missing persons in the collapse is 124.

In the past week, there has been growing concern that damaged buildings may collapse on their own, endangering the staff below and complicating the search for victims.

Assistant Fire Rescue Chief Raide Jadallah told his family at a morning briefing that the building will be “as soon as possible. The first thing tomorrow.”

But he warned that “some minor problems may arise.”

A follow-up meeting will be held in the afternoon to finalize the details of the demolition, which may be an unstable operation as experts enter the building to drill holes to install explosives.

Concerns about a total collapse

Fears that the part that is still standing may collapse has reduced searches in the vicinity of that part, and changes detected by monitors earlier on Thursday prompted the entire search to be suspended for 15 hours until engineers determined that the site can be restarted safely.

In this July 2, 2021 handout picture, search and rescue personnel work at the site of a collapsed Florida apartment building. (Miami-Dade Fire Department/Reuters)

Jadallah said that the remnants of the demolished building will be demolished immediately after demolition, in order to allow rescuers to enter the garage area for the first time, which is the focus of the search.

Such visits can give officials a clearer understanding of possible voids in the rubble and may hide survivors.

No one has been rescued since the first hour after the crash on June 24. Approaching tropical storm It is also worrying that there may be strong winds in South Florida later on Sunday or early Monday, which may further undermine the stability of the standing part of the tower.

The demolition of the building will temporarily suspend the search operation, but officials hope it will not last long. Some families require that they be able to return to the building to retrieve their personal belongings, but they are not allowed to do so.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emphasized at a press conference on Saturday that it is necessary to demolish buildings in a controlled manner before the storm arrives.

The governor said: “One of our buildings in Surfside is crumbling and structurally unsound.” “If the building is demolished, it will protect our search and rescue team.”

He also declared a state of emergency before the storm is expected to arrive early next week.


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