Teen mom Jade Cline was stunned in the new photo when she showed off her figure after liposuction and Brazilian butt lift.

TEEN’s mother Jade Cline was stunned in the new photo because she showed her figure after liposuction and Brazilian hip lift.

jade, 24, posted a selfie Instagram When she poses near a palm tree in California.


Jade wears a colorful suit with a matching mini skirtImage source: Jade Cline/Instagram
Yu wrote an article about


Yu wrote an article about “Kali Sun Hits Different”Image source: Jade Cline/Instagram

In the first snapshot, Teen mom The celebrities wore eye-catching red and pink suits with matching mini skirts.

In the second photo, Jade showed more of her long, bare legs.

The reality TV star captioned the photos: “Cali’s sun is different.”

As early as June, Jade showed “Six Months” Results Her cosmetic surgery, including Neck liposuction, In Instagram stories.

Yu showed a


Yu showed a “full body” photoImage Credit: Instagram / Jade Cline
Jade was pushed out of the hospital after the operation


Jade was pushed out of the hospital after the operationCredit: SWNS

This Teen Mom 2 The star wore a blue, white and orange catsuit.

Yu also rolled up her long blonde hair.

This Music TV The star captioned the short video: “All of you are asking for a full-body photo.”

Jade also yelled at Dr. Oliver Chang in the title.

Photo of Christy and Jade


Photo of Christy and JadeCredit: MTV
After lifting his hips in Brazil, Jade's head was bandaged


After lifting his hips in Brazil, Jade’s head was bandagedCredit: MTV

In the previous episode Teen Mom 2, Yuzeng dealt with Prolonged pain After her Brazilian hip surgery.

The reality TV star wore gray sweatpants and a shirt that concealed the catsuit, which was necessary after Brazil lifted his hips.

There was a bandage on her head, and the doctor extracted fat from her neck.

Briana helps Jade recover


Briana helps Jade recoverCredit: Twitter/MTV

Yu said During the episode: “The pain in my butt, legs and back is so fucking unbearable. I can’t even fall asleep. I can’t feel comfortable. It’s worse than I thought.”

What made the pain worse was when Jade’s mother Christy and stepfather left Three hours missing While picking up her painkillers.

Brianna Dejesus27 years old, also involved in it, and confronted Jade’s little dad Sean Austin, Who wants to take Jade on the plane.

Jade and Sean


Jade and SeanCredit: MTV

Brianna had also raised her hips in Brazil, and she managed to persuade Jade to postpone her plan to leave Miami.

Jade and his little father Sean share three-year-old Kloie Kenna.

Recently, Jade Cline shared her goal of adopting a child, although She broke up with Sean.

In a deleted Instagram post, Jade held a Q&A session with her fans.

A fan asked: “Do you plan to have children in the future?”

Yu explained her desire to “adopt” and said: “Yes, but I want to adopt my next child. Maybe through a foster care program.”

“Definitely have to wait at least 3-4 years, and then consider playing again haha.”

Jade and Kloie photo


Jade and Kloie photoCredit: Instagram
Teen mom Jade Cline shares “full body photos” after neck liposuction and Brazilian butt lift

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