Lionel Messi becomes a free agent, Ald Verelder will leave Tottenham Hotspur exclusive, Chelsea Harland transfer update

Phone Home

Gareth Southgate admitted that after Jadon Sancho moved to Manchester United this week, “we can’t stop business from happening”.

When asked by ITV if the situation of the winger affected his efforts, the England coach said: “No, in fact I think Jayden has performed the best in our training in the past 7 days. .

“You accept that there are a lot of ongoing transfers, no one comes in to negotiate, no one goes out to negotiate.

“But we can’t stop people’s phones from ringing, and we can’t prevent other business from happening. You just need to trust the players, they are very focused.

“At this moment, I haven’t had a long discussion with him because this story has been going on for 12 months.

“When everything is confirmed, I am sure I will talk to him.

“But there are too many speculations about all of our players. I will not pick up every little thing, but I will check their situation with the players every day. The most important thing is that he is very focused on his training, which is good. .”

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