Know Before You Go: Harbour Police Share Reminders Before Big Bay Boom

Know Before You Go: Harbour Police Share Reminders Before Big Bay Boom



San Diego-A year of celebrations have been cancelled due to the pandemic, and it is expected that July 4 this year will be busier than ever in San Diego. It is expected that there will be a large crowd at the Big Bay Boom on the weekend, and the harbor police reminded residents and tourists to celebrate safely.

“We expect last year to be the busiest year, because last July 4th was Saturday, and it is now 2020,” said Victor Bañuelos, Lieutenant of the Port Police. “This also happens to be the 20th year they celebrated.”

But since this year’s holiday is still a weekend—many people have to get off work on Monday—Banuelos expects the city to be crowded with tourists.

As a reminder, he said that alcohol containers and alcoholic beverages are not allowed. Banuelos said smoking is also prohibited in the park. The police advise those who catch a glimpse of Big Bay Boom to insist on performing on the grass and avoid blocking sidewalks or streets when preparing for the performance.

The parking lot opens at 6 am and is expected to fill up soon. There will also be strict parking law enforcement, with trailers on standby.

Shelter Island tends to fill up the fastest because it also has a launch ramp for ships, which usually closes around 5pm on July 4th.

“If you join us by boat, I will depart from National City Pepper Park or Chula Vista J Street Park,” he said. “You can launch from there so you can avoid a lot of traffic when you leave.”

The number one crime of rowers is speeding, but officials also reminded everyone on the water to keep at least 1,000 feet away from the barge and prepare enough life jackets on board.

The park along the port closes at 10:30 every night and opens at 6 a.m.

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