Kane leads England to the semi-finals of the 2020 European Cup over Ukraine | Euro2020 News

Kane leads England to the semi-finals of the 2020 European Cup over Ukraine | Euro2020 News



England defeated Ukraine 4-0 and will play the semi-finals against Denmark at Wembley Stadium on Wednesday.

On Saturday, England defeated Ukraine 4-0 unilaterally in Rome to advance to the semi-finals of the 2020 European Cup. Harry Kane scored twice.

Kane ended a worrying international scoring drought in the last 16 games of a 2-0 victory over Germany in midweek. He led England by four minutes on a sweaty night in the Italian capital.

Gareth Southgate’s team scored two more goals early in the second half and Harry Maguire scored one before Kane scored again. Goal, which made the quarter-final draw disappear.

Substitute Jordan Henderson finished fourth. With Denmark waiting in the Wembley semi-final on Wednesday, England will be confident that it will continue to enter the European Championship final for the first time ever, and even now won the first since 1966. International Grand Slam champion.

The draw here is very friendly to them. Ukraine is definitely a weak opponent they hope to face in the quarter-finals. They lost to teams such as Italy and Portugal in the recent European Championships.

However, the statistics are impressive. England have not conceded a goal in five games in this game.

England’s Harry Kane scored their first goal [Alberto Pizzoli/Pool via Reuters]

Some of their performances on the wing were excellent, and Raheem Sterling and Jaden Sancho-his first start in the European Cup-were too hot for Ukraine to handle.

Kane, their captain, has not found a net for his country for nearly eight hours, but his first game here was his second in just eight minutes after securing the final goal against Germany. game.

Regardless of their opponents, their performance at the Olympic Stadium in the first three games is higher than the previous European games, they will become the home favorites against the Danish team, the latter in the quarter-finals against the Czech Republic on Saturday Far away Baku.

Header hat trick

This will be the only away game for the England team in the match, which marks a very different game in which they beat Germany. Over 40,000 supporters watched the game at Wembley Stadium, where the coronavirus restrictions were relaxed. .

As Italy currently implements a five-day quarantine on all immigrants from the UK, England fans in Rome are limited to those already working in the EU, although they are still heard in a crowd of less than 12,000.

Unlike their Ukrainian counterparts, they have a lot to celebrate, because Andrei Shevchenko’s team failed to bring Ukraine to the first ever major tournament semi-final.

They emerged from the group and then defeated 10 of Sweden in the last 16 overtime games, and when they fell behind early, their chance of shocking England seemed to be dead.

Sterling threatened the Ukrainian defense on the left and played in Kane, who passed the ball to George Bushkan.

England fans celebrate in Trafalgar Square after the game [Henry Nicholls/Reuters]

Ukraine’s giants forward Roman Yaremchuk forced Jordan Pickford to save, Bushkan shut out Declan Rice’s pile driver, and the England team looked comfortable.

However, in the 36th minute, after Dynamo Kyiv winger Viktor Zigankov replaced injured defender Sergey Krivtsov, the situation in Ukraine was different.

They performed well at the end of the first half, and the more pessimistic England fans may have relived their withdrawal from the 2016 European Cup during this time. Although they opened the scoring in the 4th minute, they were still in the past 16 Lost to Iceland in the game.

They don’t have to worry.

The England team scored again less than a minute after the restart, when Kane fouled Kane and allowed Luke Shaw to take a free kick from the left to allow Maguire to score with a header.

Four minutes later, Sterling provided the overlapping Shaw, who crossed the rejuvenated Kane home.

The Tottenham Hotspur star almost staged a hat-trick, and a stinging volley made a brilliant save for Bush Khan.

The fourth goal came from a corner kick from Mason Mount, and another header, this time from Henderson, was the first of five substitutes sent by Southgate, who would have been in the quarter. The semifinals were considered long before the first final officially ended.


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