Full interview: Caitlin Jenner discusses the governor’s campaign in California’s internal politics

Full interview: Caitlin Jenner discusses the governor’s campaign in California’s internal politics



(Inside California Politics)-Caitlyn Jenner is one of the candidates who hopes to succeed Gavin Newsom for the post of Governor Gavin Newsom in the recall election in September this year.

The former Olympic athlete and self-proclaimed political outsider has never held a position, but insists that she is the right person for the job.

This week, she sat down with Frank Buckley of Inside California Politics for an extensive interview.

71-year-old Jenner, who won the men’s decathlon in 1976, became a reality TV star decades later and made her debut as a transgender woman — her candidacy was announced in a statement in June . Written statement on Twitter.

“The final decision was two months ago, three months ago. I’m watching TV. I’m working on bad policies. Terrible results, encountering these kids in cages. It just shows you what bad policies can do ,” Jenner said, describing when she decided to run for governor.

Jenner said her immigration plan will involve the border wall.

“As the governor, I will complete the wall on state land, where you can complete the wall,” she said. “I think we need to control immigration in this state. We need to understand the people who enter this state.”

Another problem Jenner aims to solve is the homelessness crisis in California.

“We have to provide some places for these people, whether it’s an open field somewhere. Or, if you notice in a veteran’s facility, there are these large open spaces and many places,” Jenner said.

Not only Governor Newsom, but other Republicans such as John Cox, Kevin Faulkner and Doug Ossey, Jenner is using Her experience as a loser At the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics.

“I’m fighting the Soviet Union, it’s the greatest sports machine in the world. It all depends on my little loneliness in San Jose, California, to defeat them,” she said. “This time I want to go to Sacramento and join a teachers’ union. I want to win for your children. So there are a lot of battles left for me.”


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