Free streaming, TV channels, kick-off times and team news for the quarter-finals of the America’s Cup tonight

Free streaming, TV channels, kick-off times and team news for the quarter-finals of the America’s Cup tonight



The America’s Cup is over, and the mediocre group stage format is now over.

Eight out of ten teams qualify for the quarter-finals, and only Bolivia and Venezuela were eliminated.


Luis Suarez hopes to win the second Copa America with UruguayCredit: Agence France-Presse
The last time Colombia won the Copa America was in 2001


The last time Colombia won the Copa America was in 2001Credit: Reuters

However, as the winner in 2011, there are now two big shots facing each other Uruguay Facing the championship in 2001 Colombia.

The winner will bear Argentina Or Ecuador in the semifinals.

When does Uruguay kick off against Colombia?

  • Uruguay will face Colombia on Saturday, July 3.
  • The game starts at 11pm UK time-Brasilia and Montevideo at 7pm, Bogota at 5pm.
  • It will be held at the Mane Garrincha Stadium in Brasilia.
  • The last time the two sides met was in November, when Uruguay scored an impressive 3-0 victory in the World Cup qualifiers in Barranquilla.

What is the TV channel for Uruguay vs. Colombia and can I live it live?

  • Uruguay vs Colombia live on the BBC Red Button.
  • To stream the game, go to BBC iPlayer Or the BBC Sports website.

Can I watch the game between Uruguay and Colombia for free?

  • Yes it is. The BBC is free to all British viewers with a TV license.
  • Take yours TV license Here.
  • Even if you watch the BBC online, you must have a TV license.

Latest odds

Win in 90 minutes

Uruguay 6/4

Draw 2/1

Colombia 23/10

In order to confirm


Colombia 23/20

*As of Thursday, July 1, Betfair’s odds are correct

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  • Statistical data

    Colombia only accounted for 51% of the ball in the first half against Uruguay.

    The three-color fighters made a total of four shots, but only one shot hit the target.

    On the other hand, Uruguay only shot one off-target shot.

    For Celeste, this is a rather disappointing number. They let Luis Suarez and Edison Cavani lead the offense.

  • HT: Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    After bad luck in the first half, Colombia and Uruguay failed to score at the Brasilia National Stadium.

    Both teams only created a major opportunity in the dying minutes.

    Federico Valverde almost used a straight pass from the right wing to block Edinson Cavani in front of the open, but Yerry Mina stood firm at the critical moment .

    Colombia then approached, as Duvan Zapata’s shot from a small angle was saved by Fernando Muslera and Luis Muriel’s shot went wide.

    Getty Images
    Getty Images

    That was half time in Brasilia! ! ! ! !

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    45 opportunities!

    Colombia is approaching the opening late!

    Zapata passed the ball to the left and tried to shoot from a small angle blocked by Muslera.

    Muriel got the ball at the edge of the penalty area, but his shot went wide!

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    42 opportunities!

    Uruguay is only inches away from the opener!

    Valverde entered the penalty area from the right and passed a clear pass to Cavani.

    But Mina made a touch at the crucial moment before the Manchester United star hit the net.

    The Everton star then cleared the ball with a beautiful overhead kick

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    40 It seems that both teams want to enter halftime through their way.

    The first half was not interesting, I hope both managers can wake up their players in the locker room.

    Maybe there are several influential players…?

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    38 Perhaps the only interesting part of this game is the strange rough challenge.

    But what can we expect? After all, this is the America’s Cup…

    Getty Images
    Getty Images
  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    36 opportunities

    When Zapata received a direct pass from Muriel and entered the penalty area, Colombia showed some teeth.

    But the Colombian was stripped of Jimenez and Mouslera before he could get a shot.

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    35 yellow card

    Uruguayan captain Godin was the first player to be warned by a yellow card in the game because he accidentally blocked the back of Zapata’s head with his elbow.

    After the referee made a ruling, the former Atletico Madrid star left him

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    34 opportunities

    Well…Uruguay is accelerating the pace…

    Valverde passed the ball to the right wing, low to de Alascata, who failed to touch the ball in the penalty area

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    32 There is little hope for a half-time forward goal…

    Both teams are quite drowsy and mostly cautious

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    29 Opportunities

    Hey, Uruguay shoots! But it doesn’t matter, because De Arrascaeta is offside first.

    Wiener clashed with Muñoz on the left, but the referee gave up the game.

    De Arrascaeta picked up the ball and tried to shoot from a small angle blocked by Ospina.

    Cavani had the ball but shot wide

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    28 For Manchester United ace Cavani and his other teammates, the start was not good.

    Neither star center nor Suarez saw too many balls

    Getty Images
    Getty Images
  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    27 opportunities!

    When Muriel picked up the ball on the edge of the penalty area and passed it to Zapata, Colombia was close here.

    The Colombian ace found himself in front of Mouslera, but the Uruguayan goalkeeper saved the goal.

    But it’s okay, because Zapata is offside

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    25 Cavani fell into the penalty area after being sent off, but the referee Manzano ignored.

    However, the Manchester United star claimed that this was not just a mistake

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    23 Uruguay has a good pass in the midfield, but it is difficult to break through Colombia’s defense.

    So far, the tricolor team has played this game in its own way

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    20 Uruguay has yet to hit a goal, even though they have a top duo leading.

    Colombia has won two, but both efforts are weak

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    17 Opportunities

    Uruguay was awkward there because Godin was hit hard and deprived by Borre.

    When he saw that Muslera was not in position, the Colombian ace tried something between the cross and the shot from the right wing.

    But the Uruguayan goalkeeper just managed to deflect the ball

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    15 There is not much rhythm in this game so far, quite unfortunate.

    Neither team really created any chances because the forwards of both teams did not see a lot of balls

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    13 Ouch!

    Tesilo was hit in the back of the head by the ball when he made a cross.

    The Colombian ace is a bit painful, but luckily it’s not serious

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    12 opportunities

    Colombia knocked on Uruguay’s gate with a set ball from the left.

    Muriel crossed, Tesilo headed for the goal, Mouslera is not worried

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    10 Uruguay got most of the ball in the opening minutes, but is trying to pass the ball to Suarez and Cavani.

    On the other hand, Colombia is trying to carry out any attacks without the suspended Quadrado

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    8 Uruguay and Colombia will play here tonight.

    If it were not for the coronavirus, the Brasilia National Stadium would be very noisy, because Brazil is still suffering from the pandemic

    Getty Images
    Getty Images
  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    5 Well, Uruguay is very lucky there…

    Vecino was not given a yellow card, even though he elbowed Zapata in the mouth

  • Uruguay 0-0 Colombia

    4 Buuuuuut nothing happened, Cuellar cleared it immediately.

    Colombia’s defense then header Celeste’s corner kick


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