F1 Austrian Grand Prix live results: FP3 is in progress, the accumulation of qualifying, Verstappen is impressive

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Lando Norris wants to see George Russell confirmed as Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate next season.

Russell, currently on loan from Mercedes to Williams, plans to exchange places with Valtery Bottas in 2022. This will mean the first all-British lineup in 10 years, and McLaren’s Norris said he also wants to solve this problem with his compatriots.

Norris said: “I think highly of George. He is one of the best and I think he will make Hamilton sad. It is too early to judge whether he is as good as Lewis. He is a very good one. Driver, talented, one of the best in F1.

“But I don’t think you can say that this will be all the confidence in the world, because you have to see what he thinks of him and other drivers. He is currently in his comfort zone, he is the main player in his team, he sits very Comfortable and can do what he wants.

“But we also saw him in the Mercedes race in Bahrain last year. He was almost ahead of Bottas in the entire race and should be ahead to finish and win the race.

“So I don’t have any expectations for last season’s performance. He is very fast, and I think he will bring a very difficult period for Lewis.”

Norris thinks Russell will be the perfect partner for Hamilton
He also thinks Russell will give Hamilton a good challenge
He also thinks Russell will give Hamilton a good challenge

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