Eagles 2021 Training Camp Preview: Run Back

Eagles 2021 Training Camp Preview: Run Back



In the next three weeks or so (basically when there is no other news to report), we will look at every player on the Philadelphia Eagles roster and how they adapt to the team’s entry into training camp.

we From the quarterback on FridayToday we will take a look at running backs, there are many of them.

1 2 3 4
Miles Sanders Boston Scott Kenneth Gainwell Kryon Johnson

5 6 7 8
Jordan Howard Jason Huntley Adrian Killings Elijah Holyfield

Miles Sanders

When Sanders entered the league as a rookie in 2019, there were three problems with his game:

  1. Survival as a catcher in the backcourt.
  2. Pass protection.
  3. The ball is safe (groping).

Most people don’t care about his ability as a pure runner at Pennsylvania State University.

In the 2019 season, Sanders put these three concerns on the bed, but at the beginning of the season, he was slow to adapt to the NFL as a runner because he often dances in the backcourt and does not use authority. The field he cares about is actually positive, but his good qualities in the university are negative.

To Sanders’s praise, he admitted his mistakes (not always an easy task for professional athletes) and worked hard to correct them. At the end of his rookie season, the Hawks looked like A complete three-point running back.

In the second season of 2020 for Sanders, these three concerns reappeared largely because of his poor pass protection ability. Lead the team to throw a pass, He fumbled four times. However, in the Eagles’ terrible offense, he is also one of the few players who can perform well. Sanders ran 164 times for 867 yards (5.3 yards per carry) and 6 TD runs, of which 3 times he ran at least 74 yards. He did it behind the most hit offensive line in the NFL.

The Hawks will look for Sanders in 2021 to integrate all this. He showed that he can be a weapon in the passing game while avoiding pass protection and possession errors as a rookie. He proved that he can be a runner in the second season of home runs.

Even if there are a lot of people running back on the list, no one has Sanders’s ability, he should have a lot of opportunities to play a role. Since the opponent’s defense must take into account Jalen Hurts’ second running back in the backcourt, Sanders could theoretically get more open space on his harness.

Sanders has proven once that he can take responsibility for his shortcomings and fix them. We will see if he can do this again throughout the training camp.

Boston Scott

When we take Learn more about Scott’s 2019 season, We found that his most effective usage is in screen games. He is optimistic about the venue, he knows how to patiently let the blockers in front of him complete their work, and he steps on the accelerator at dawn. He is very good at it.

Unfortunately, for Scott in 2020, the Hawks’ screen games are disgusting. Of course, the fact that the Hawks have so many offensive linemen shuttles in and out of the lineup has a lot to do with this. If the offensive line can stay healthy this year, and Knicks Liani can design a more effective appearance in screen games, then Scott can once again become a dangerous weapon for this character.

As a runner in 2020, Scott has good numbers. He rushed 80 times for 374 yards and 1 touchdown, passed 25 times and received 212 yards and 1 touchdown. He is one of the important reasons for the Eagles’ rare victories (against the Giants) last season:

Scott is likely to become second in the start of the season, but he may also lose contact with rookie Kenneth Gaineville, and considering his worth will be higher, he will be with the team after the 2021 season. If the team keeps him, he will become a restricted free agent in the next offseason.

Kenneth Gainwell

Gainwell is one of my favorite prospects before the 2021 NFL Draft. After losing four family members, he opted out of the 2020 season, but in 2019, he gained more than 2,000 yards from the melee. He sprinted 231 times for 1459 yards (6.3 YPC) and 13 TDs, while adding 51 catches for 610 yards and 3 TDs.

Gainwell has the versatility of a running back/slot receiver, just like many other players who came out of Memphis in recent years, such as Tony Pollard (Cowboys) and Antonio Gibson (WASTEAM), who were early in their NFL careers Both are efficient players.

In OTA, in some of the exercises we have seen, the team only conducts individual training (there is no team), so there is no 7 to 7 or 11 to 11, and there is no form of offense and defense. In other words, we only see players practicing against ghosts. With this disclaimer, I like the way Gainwell runs and catches the ball. His movements are smooth, with almost no wasted movements, he pulls the ball out of the air with his hands. This is not the best example, but you can get the idea here:

Gainwell is a player and he can be a good touchstone for the Eagles’ new coaching staff in terms of his skill development and their creativity in use, especially in the seemingly crowded backcourt, at least in paper .

Kryon Johnson

After a fruitful college career at Auburn University, Johnson was the second-round rookie of the Lions. His career started quickly, but in the next two seasons, his average pass per pass The number of yards is falling. A sprained left knee caused him to miss six games in 2018, and a torn meniscus caused him to miss eight games in 2019.

Johnson wore a bulky knee pad in 2020, and he said he plans to continue to wear it for the rest of his career for peace of mind. As you can see below, he only dribbled the ball 52 times last season.

Kryon Johnson hurry code YPC TD
2018 (10 games) 118 641 5.4 3
2019 (8 games) 113 403 3.6 3
2020 (16 games) 52 181 3.5 2

He also has 61 career catches for 527 yards (8.6 YPR) and 3 TDs.

A few weeks ago, We watched Johnson’s 2020 season, And the short version of our takeaway is as follows:

  1. He is not an explosive runner. It remains to be determined whether removing his torn meniscus for another year will give him more juice.
  2. He didn’t break a lot of tackles because he couldn’t keep standing through contact, however, he did run past tackles and fell forward on the ground, and was effective in short yards.
  3. Not a dynamic receiver.
  4. Excellent pass protection.

Johnson is a cheap, risk-free supplement, and if the Eagles release him during training camp, it won’t cost anything. The meniscus tear in 2019-and Johnson’s subsequent race movie as a runner in 2020-is an area to watch, but given his age (he just turned 24) and low mileage (only 283 times) Career), he is worth watching in training camp. At least, I believe he has more pass protection and short-range guards than Jordan Howard offers.

Jordan Howard

In the Eagles’ 2019 season, Howard is an efficient running back and a good complement to the more explosive Sanders. He performed 119 times for 525 yards (4.4 YPC) and 5 TDs. During the 2020 offseason, the Dolphins signed a two-year contract with Howard worth US$9,750,000 with a minimum guarantee of US$4,750,000.

Howard had a terrible 2020 season in Miami. Before the Dolphins released him, he played 28 times for 33 yards (1.2 YPC) and 4 TDs. He was then selected by the Hawks and played two games in the remaining games of the season, advancing for 27 yards seven times.

When the Hawks brought Howard back, some people thought he was just a short-yard running back in Miami, so the average number of yards per pass was very low. This is wrong because 15 of Howard’s passes (more than half) were the first shots made by the Dolphins at least 4 yards away. In these dribbles, Howard averaged 1.9 yards per dribble.

Even as a short-code guard, Howard is not very effective, even if he gets 4 TDs. He dribbled the ball 13 times with short yards (1-3 yards left) and only completed 8 yards (0.6 YPC) and 6 first shots (including his 4 TDs). As mentioned above, the belief here is that Johnson will be more effective than Howard in this role.

Jason Huntley

Huntley has a certain speed. He is a good returnee in college, but he was active in only five games last season. After the Hawks layoffs 53 people, he announced that he had waived Detroit’s immunity.hell After spending the 2020 offseason with the Lions, this year gained more attention in the training camp, but may have to win the job of the kicker to enter the lineup.

Adrian Killings

Killins should probably be included in the wide receiver because he let the representatives out of position during the OTA, but for now we will list him along with the running back. In 2020, as a failed free agent, Killings spent most of his time on the practice team, although he did appear in a game, receiving the ball for 2 yards and passing once and rushing for -12 yards.

He has speed, but at 5’7, 177, if a breeze blows over him, he would collapse in last year’s training camp. He may compete with Huntley, Scott and others to kick back the job of a golfer.

Elijah Holyfield

With the exception of one game in which he was activated (but not played), Holyfield spent the entire 2021 season in the Eagles training class. Run fast, with little juice.


As a runner, catcher, pass protector and football protector, can Sanders integrate all of this and become a competitor in 2021? If so, he can become a top 5-10 guard in the NFL, but the Eagles need more stability from him.

Sanders aside, the Eagles have a dynamic young groom at Gainwell, and a pair of players who excel in specific areas, such as Scott (screen game) and Johnson (pass protection).

Sirianni will serve as the Colts offensive coordinator in 2020. Indy supported Nyheim Hines and Jonathan Taylor for a total of 99 catches. Therefore, some believe that Sirianni will vigorously implement running backs in the passing offense of the Eagles. Considering him The skills, it makes sense that they have a group of guards, and they lack excellent talents for wide receivers.

Essentially, the Eagles want to be a pass-heavy team, but their lineup screams that they should look more like the Baltimore Ravens, and run behind Lamar Jackson and a stable guard. Oriented offense. It remains to be determined whether Sirianni thinks so too, and whether Jeffrey Lurie and the gang will allow him to attack, put his players in the best position, and win the game with their existing lineup. If so, this running back will become a key determinant of the Hawks’ offensive success in 2021.

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