British and Irish Lions vs. Sigma Lions Rugby: TV channels, kick-off times, live broadcasts and teams

SIGMA LIONS will not be star-studded

This is what Sigma Lions coach Ivan van Rooyen said about the game:

“This is an important occasion, but we must ensure that players will not be unable to participate in the game because of stars.

“This is an opportunity to show them South African rugby.

“After the game, people will know all about the B&I Lions team and how good they are.

“The pace of the game will be fast, and it’s physical.

“That’s why we need a cool head at 2, 5, 8, 9, 10 and 15.

“They are the participants who need to make big decisions and keep workers working.

“This is a huge opportunity for every player involved.

“There is such a small group of people who will have the opportunity to face players of this level in their lifetime.

“I hope they really take some time to accept it and enjoy the greatness of the moment.”

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