Who is Harvey Weinstein’s predecessor, Georgina Chapman?

Who is Harvey Weinstein’s predecessor, Georgina Chapman?



The shameful movie tycoon Harvey Weinstein was convicted of a sexual crime and is currently serving 23 years in prison.

But who is he married to?Here is everything you need to know Weinstein’s Separated wife Georgina Chapman.


Georgina Chapman is the separated wife of disgraced tycoon Harvey WeinsteinCredit: Getty-Contributor

Who is Harvey Weinstein’s ex-wife Georgina Chapman?

Georgina Rose Chapman, born on April 14, 1976, is a British fashion designer and actress.

Together with former model Keren Craig, she is the co-founder of the fashion brand Marchesa.

She is the daughter of journalist Caroline Wonfor and multi-millionaire Brian Chapman who owns organic coffee company Percol.

She studied at Marlborough College in Wiltshire-there Kate Middleton Go to school-and entered the modeling industry through Head & Shoulders advertising in his 20s.

Georgina started dating Harvey Weinstein In 2004, he left his first wife.

They got married on December 15, 2007.

They have a daughter and a son.

Georgina is estimated to have a fortune of 15 million pounds.

This is mainly due to her fashion brand Marchesa.

    Harvey and Georgina broke up in 2017 on rape and sexual abuse allegations


Harvey and Georgina broke up in 2017 on rape and sexual abuse allegationsCredit: Reuters

What does Georgina Chapman say about Weinstein?

In 2017, Georgina said After making sexual charges against Weinstein, she is leaving Weinstein.

She told People magazine that she needed time to leave the producer-according to reports, she relied on former political aide Huma Abedin, Disgraced wife of former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner, In order to support.

Georgia said in a statement: “I feel heartbroken for all women who have suffered immensely from these unforgivable behaviors.

“I chose to leave my husband. Taking care of young children is my top priority, and at this time I ask the media for privacy.”

    The fashion designer has kept a low profile since the breakup


The fashion designer has kept a low profile since the breakupCredit: Rex Features

Weinstein said he “encouraged” his wife to leave him And admitted that the sexual harassment scandal tore their marriage.

After announcing that she was leaving him, the producer issued a statement saying: “In the past week, my family has endured a lot of pain and I am responsible for this.

“My wife Georgina and I sat down, I love her more than anything else, and we discussed what is best for our family.

“We discussed the possibility of separation, and I encouraged her to do what is deep in her heart. In the end, she made the decision to separate.

“I understand that I love her, I love our children, and hope that when I get better, I will appear in their lives again.

“I support her decision. I am receiving consultation. Maybe when I get better, we can rebuild.”
The producers agreed to end their nearly 10 years of marriage at an eight-figure price.

Since Weinstein passed away, she has not commented Sentenced to 23 years Locked in jail First-degree sexual offenses and third-degree rape charges, and may face jail time.

Who is Georgina Chapman’s new boyfriend Adrian Brody?

Georgina Chapman is dating American actor and producer Adrian Brody.

The two made their public debut at the Tribeca Film Festival in June 2021, and then Discovered during a trip to Los Angeles a week later Two kids with designer.

After Adrian starred in two Miramax works, Hollywood Paradise and Prison Breaker, Georgina met her new man through her ex-husband.

However, Adrian had been successful on the big screen long before that.

In 2002, Brody was widely praised for playing W?adys?aw Spearman in the Holocaust drama “The Pianist” and won the Oscar for Best Actor.

He will then star in other Hollywood blockbusters, such as Peter Jackson’s “King Kong” (2008) and Nimrod Antar’s “Predator” (2010).

However, Adrian was criticized by many fans, who expressed their indignation for his cooperation with the director who has been accused of sexual assault many times.

The pianist named after Brody is directed by Roman Polanski, who is believed to have fled the country in 1978 while waiting to be sentenced for illegal sexual intercourse with a minor.

Ten years later, Brody will continue to play a role in “Midnight Paris” in 2011-written and directed by Woody Allen.

Many Hollywood stars have repeatedly claimed that they will not work with 85-year-old Woody for many years. Dylan Farrow’s claim Her mother Mia’s partner at the time “Sexually abused” her as a child.

“He kept saying I was innocent” Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer spoke after the movie tycoon was convicted of third-degree rape and sexual assault


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