Walt Disney World Resort in Florida celebrates its 50th anniversary

Invited to participate in the most magical celebration in the world, train to become a Jedi Knight and board the Millennium Falcon Star wars: For a 10-year-old child, Galaxy’s Edge is a day’s work Walt Disney World take.

Here, Ellie and her mother Liz told The Sun that the Disney vacation with her family was full of magical memories and how she couldn’t wait to go back and help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the resort.day Anniversary…


Ready to party: Mickey and Minnie are putting on great new clothes to commemorate the occasion

Disney and Allie

“I went Walt Disney World Holiday in Florida with my mom, dad and five-year-old sister Lily in 2019, this is the best vacation ever! Said Allie.

“We saw Cinderella Castle And found characters in the park.We had a special breakfast Chef Mickey The restaurant and Mickey, Minnie and Goofy all came to see us suddenly. It’s amazing, I’ve seen them on TV before, but when they’re right in front of me, it feels better. They are huge-and really fun! We took a lot of pictures with them. Mom just said that we are going back in 2022, and I have started planning everything I want to do! “

In fact, this is the best time for Ellie and her family to pay a return visit because Walt Disney World The resort celebrates its 50th anniversaryday Anniversary. The fun begins on October 1st and lasts for 18 months, making 2022 one of the most memorable years ever.

To celebrate, the entire resort will be specially decorated to light up miracles, Walt Disney World The theme park icon turns into a magic beacon. Cinderella Castle, Spaceship earth, This Hollywood Tower Hotel with tree of Life All will glow with unprecedented light and exude a charming light.Mickey and Minnie are putting on great new clothes to commemorate the occasion, and Cinderella Castle It will be decorated with special decorations and decorations, with a magnificent 50th anniversary emblem.

This is good news for Ellie and her mother. They can’t wait to see all the new shows, attractions and activities on offer this time.

“To be honest, we are very excited,” Liz said. “The best thing about the holiday is Walt Disney World A resort is something everyone can find.Allie’s favorite ride is Spooky haunted house. It is one of the original attractions Magic kingdom The park began when it first opened in 1971, but it is still brilliant today. “

    Family time: 5-year-old Lily, Liz’s mother, and 10-year-old Ellie are happy to visit Disney World Resort in 2022


Family time: 5-year-old Lily, Liz’s mother, and 10-year-old Ellie are happy to visit Disney World Resort in 2022

Allie added: “Dad and I want to explore Star Wars: The edge of the galaxy.Lily Love Toy Story Landed the most.Mom is a little timid, so Twilight Tower of Terror It was her favorite-she turned her head screaming! “

As we all know, planning and looking forward to a Disney vacation is half the fun, so here is a list of popular attractions for Ellie and her family Walt Disney World The resorts they can’t wait to enjoy in 2022:

See the beacon of magic

And an exclusive experience and special decorations for 50 peopleday Anniversary, all four Walt Disney World The resort theme park will be full of miracles because their icons are transformed into magic beacons. This means that every theme park will be illuminated, creating a magical EARidescent light. “We just don’t know what will happen, but obviously Cinderella Castle The dust of the elf will sparkle, and we will all like it,” Liz said.

    Unique: Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railroad in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the first ride in any Disneyland starring Mickey Mouse and friends


Unique: Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railroad in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the first ride in any Disneyland starring Mickey Mouse and friends

Enjoy the latest attractions

Crossover rookie World show Lagoon at EPCOT It will be the largest night show ever performed in Disneyland. harmonious The fountain will dance to Disney songs, and lasers and lights will be projected on the water. “Sounds great,” Allie said. “Last time I liked to watch fireworks, this time it will be bigger and better.”

There will also be new rides for you to enjoy. RemyRatatouille Adventure Opened at the French Pavilion on October 1st EPCOT, Get ready for the anniversary. This will be an amazing 4D adventure, and visitors will feel that they have shrunk to the size of Chef Remy. Disney’s Hollywood Studios There is also a Mickey Mouse-themed ride called Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway“People of any age or height can ride the carousel,” Liz explained, “I am very happy to ride with Lily.”

    Legendary Adventure: Enter another galaxy in


Legendary Adventure: Enter another galaxy in “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Continue more Star wars adventure

Allie said: “Last time we visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I went to the Jedi training!I learned how to use lightsaber and fight against real people Star wars The villain is Jedi Training: Trial of the Temple. Next time we go, both dad and I want to go Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and more Star wars adventure.

“I want to be Robot warehouse And check out Star wars: The rise of the resistance movement. You can help resist a secret mission-this looks great.We all want to ride Millennium Falcon: The smuggler runs. You control the coolest spaceship in the galaxy, and my dad said he wants to be a pilot! “

    Thrilling: Climbing Mount Everest-The Legend of the Forbidden Mountain in Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park 199 feet


Thrilling: Climbing Mount Everest-The Legend of the Forbidden Mountain in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park 199 feet

Be brave to experience the thrilling adventure

There are many exciting rides for everyone to enjoy Walt Disney World take.You can allow climbers to climb 199 feet in the Himalayas Expedition to Mount Everest-Legend of the Forbidden Mountain in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme park, take a classic mining truck to the underground Daleishan Railway, Even into the unknown Space mountain in Magic kingdom park.One of the faster Disney rides is A rock and roll coaster starring Aerosmith in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The last time the whole family went, Ellie was too much, but now she is going to be brave. “Mom said it was great, but I was a little afraid to continue because it was driving at about 60 mph and it was upside down! I feel more brave now, so I definitely plan to ride it when I go back in 2022.”

    An eternal fairy tale: The Magic Kingdom Park is home to classic rides, including Dumbo


An eternal fairy tale: The Magic Kingdom Park is home to classic rides, including Dumbo

Enjoy the fun of classic rides and cool off at Disney Water Park

With so many precious Disney characters and stories, no one should miss seeing the eternal fairy tale classic in Magic kingdom park.Older children of all ages can Pirates of the Caribbean, Or race in the diamond mine The minecart of the seven dwarfs.

Without Dumbo, where would we be?You can fly high and low dive Dumbo, Always pay attention to his loyal friend Timothy, and use his “magic” feathers to make everyone aloof. “Very good, in addition to the exciting large-scale rides, there are many attractions suitable for children,” Liz said.

For some amazing water splashing fun, don’t forget Disney’s water parks, such as Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water park* or Disney’s Blizzard Beach In the water park, there are giant slides like Summit Plummet, whirlpools and lazy rivers. These attractions are the perfect choice when you need to stay away from the Florida sun. “There are 8 lanes on Toboggan Racers, so I want all of us to get on the road immediately and have a grand race-I bet I will win!” Allie said.

    Sleep easy: stay in a Disney Resort hotel and enjoy the activity center


Sleep easy: stay in a Disney Resort hotel and enjoy the activity center

Stay in one of the Disney Resort hotels

Staying at a Disney Resort hotel is a great way to fully immerse yourself in the magic, and you will find that Disneyland is also known for its legendary attention to detail, service and storytelling. In addition, you will live in an activity center close to theme parks, water parks and shopping areas.

“Stay in one of the hotels, everything becomes so simple and convenient,” Liz said.

“There is free transportation, so you can reach anywhere in the resort, even new ones Disney Skyliner Cable cars of some Disney Resort hotels. “

“And you never know when one of the Disney characters will be unexpected, and the kids will love it.”

When Liz said: “Go Walt Disney World The resort is the best holiday ever and we can’t wait to go back! “

Enjoy the magical 2022 package and take part in the most magical celebration in the world

Guests who book a specific arrival in 2022 before August 3, 2021 can enjoy this magical package when staying at a selected Disney Resort hotel, including:

  • Up to $950 Disney Dining Points Each room can be consumed in more than 250 dining establishments.
  • Disney’s 14-day ultimate edition ticket The price of the 7-day ticket-including Memory manufacturer Valued at US$199.
  • $200 Disney spending Get a free Disney gift card with every booking, which includes a Disney spending amount of US$200 to increase your holiday budget.

For more information or reservations, please visit disneypackages.co.uk Or call 0800 169 0730.

Accurate at the time of publication. Book the 50th Anniversary Package by August 3, 2021 (inclusive), including Disney’s 14-day ultimate ticket and one of the participating Walt Disney World Resort hotels, at least 5 consecutive nights, starting from 01, selected arrivals A maximum of 14 consecutive nights stay 2022/01-02/04 (inclusive), 24/04-24/09 2022 (inclusive), 13/11-17/11 (inclusive) and 09/12-18/12 2022 (inclusive) ) And receive: Disney’s 14-day ultimate package, the price is 7 (including Memory Maker); stay for two weeks, up to US$950 Disney dining credits per room; and a Disney consumer gift card worth US$200 per booking. Guests can book the 50th Anniversary Package from April 8th to February 11th, 2021 and from April 8th to February 11th, 2021, excluding the $200 Disney consumption. Confirmed qualifying stays can earn USD 36 per room per night as a Disney dining credit in one of the first-level participating Disney resorts; confirming eligible stays in one of the second-level participating Disney resorts, 61 per night USD; Eligible accommodation confirmed in one of the 3 participating resorts defined in the full terms and conditions, at 68 USD per room per night. Excluded terms and conditions apply – www.disneypackages.co.uk.
It depends on the situation. Registration in advance is required to enter the Walt Disney World theme park. Health and safety measures have been strengthened to promote cleanliness, maintain physical distance and reduce exposure. According to related health and safety requirements or other reasons (including but not limited to bad weather or renovation), certain parks, experiences, performances or activities may not be available or modified. Important details to know before visiting: www.disneyworld.co.uk/experience-updates/
Magic beacons are provided every night in selected theme parks. For more information, see DisneyWorld.com/50.
*Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is still closed.
Tickets will include Disney Blizzard Beach or Disney Typhoon Lagoon Water Park tickets, subject to opening. No reservation is required to visit the water park at present, but the reservation requirements may change. The water park will be affected by restoration, seasonality, capacity and weather closure.
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