Trudeau said he still has “confidence” in the Secretary of Defense after questioning the decision to retain the top commander.

Trudeau said he still has “confidence” in the Secretary of Defense after questioning the decision to retain the top commander.



Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that he remains confident in the ability of the top commander of the military. Wayne Eyre led the armed forces through the ongoing crisis of sexual misconduct—despite public criticism of Wayne Eyre’s choice of a senior leader under attack.

On Wednesday, Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Christia Freeland both publicly questioned Al’s decision to allow Navy Commander Lieutenant General Craig Baynes to remain in office after participating in a golf game with former Defense Chief of Staff Jonathan. Vance is under investigation by the gendarmerie for suspected misconduct.

Trudeau said at a press conference on Friday: “I have confidence in the acting secretary of defense.”

“I know that to regain the trust of Canadians and the trust of women and men serving in our armed forces, the senior leadership of the military needs to do a lot of work.”

This comment marked a change in Trudeau’s tone, after Defense Secretary Hajit Sacan said Thursday night that he personally had “full confidence” in Al and agreed with his decision to give Baines a chance to redeem himself.

“He is absolutely committed to ensuring that we create the absolutely necessary cultural change,” Sajjan said CBC News: Canada tonight Thursday.

Sajjan is caught in a political storm due to the crisis of dealing with sexual misconduct. For several weeks, the Conservative Party has been calling on him to resign or asking the general to fire him.Most members of Congress voted last month Condemned Saji His perception of many documents failed.

Acting Chief of the Defense Staff Lieutenant General Wayne Ayer issued a memo to the military on Tuesday, saying that the golf game showed “poor judgment”, but he believed that Navy Commander Lieutenant General Craig Baynes could learn from Learn from his mistakes and become a better leader. (Adrian Wilder/Canada Press)

Trudeau has always firmly supported Sajan.

Trudeau said on Wednesday: “As a member of the police and the armed forces, Minister Sajan has opposed the Old Boys Network at every step and has often encountered their challenges throughout his career.”

Sajjan was accused of failing to respond to a 2015 report by former Supreme Court Justice Marie Deschamps, failing to make real changes to the military culture, which proposed to address the “potential sexuality in the armed forces”. “Culture” suggests that this culture makes it impossible for victims to save themselves for themselves.

In the past six months, ten senior military leaders have been involved in the crisis of sexual misconduct. They are either on leave awaiting investigation or have retired.

Freeland said she was “Surprised and disturbed” Al decided to let Baynes continue his role and wanted to know what message this conveyed to the uniformed women, showing how serious their bosses were to change the military culture.

CBC News asked Sajan’s office whether Al had consulted the minister on the decision to keep Baines in office, but received no answer.

Baines said on Twitter today that he almost met with members of the Navy this week and “listened to honest feedback” and “answered some challenging questions.”

“It’s not easy, but dialogue is important. I thank our people for the opportunity to stay and become an advocate of change,” he wrote.

The government has instructed former Supreme Court Justice Louis Arbor to lead an external review of sexual harassment and misconduct in the military. Trudeau said today that the government will not wait until the report is completed before starting to make changes, and has asked Arbor to share suggestions in the process.

Trudeau said: “Mrs. Albert and I totally agree that we can’t wait for a year to get the final report.”

But Trudeau did not promise to complete the government’s promised timetable to launch an independent reporting system for claims for sexual misconduct.


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