The White Dog Cafe will host a dog-friendly ice cream truck to eat out for the dogs

The White Dog Cafe will host a dog-friendly ice cream truck to eat out for the dogs


Artist Jay McClellan collaborated with White Dog Cafe to bring a dog-friendly ice cream truck to the Haverford, Wayne, and Glen Mills restaurants.

McClellan’s colorful dog paintings hang in a dog-themed restaurant, and he collaborated with Glen Mills’ executive chef Mike Sesler to make desserts for dogs .

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The ice cream truck will be held at Wayne’s Restaurant on Wednesday, July 14, Haverford on Wednesday, July 21, and then at Glen Mills on Wednesday, August 4 from 5:30 to 7 pm. It will also appear in the annual dining out dog event in August.

Eating out helps benefit Alpha Bravo Canine, a local organization that provides free service dogs to former military personnel with PTSD.

Every August, the White Dog Cafe location will host a fundraising event with WMMR’s Preston & Steve, BEN FM, WMGK, WXTU and The Fanatic. Live broadcast celebrities will have dinner with guests and host a lucky draw.

The average cost of training a puppy to be a service dog is between US$30,000 and US$50,000, depending on the disability it is taught to assist. Alpha Bravo Canine does not charge veterans or dogs. In the past three years, the Doing Out for the Dogs campaign has raised nearly $100,000 to offset the cost of training puppies.

At the event on Monday, August 16, there will be a puppy kissing booth White Dog Cafe Location in Each Suburb Guests can donate to one of the Alpha Bravo Canine puppies to hug and kiss. Guests can also donate $25 and book a VIP (very important puppy) table at the White Dog Cafe in Haverford, where they can guarantee outdoor seating for activities with the puppy (subject to availability).

Also at this year’s event, guests can enjoy hot dogs for 35 USD, and all proceeds will be donated to Alpha Bravo Canine. The menu includes Coney Island Dog made from Green Meadow farm beef, PA Noble Cheddar cheese and pickled red onions; Southwest dog with guacamole, jalapeno aioli, cotija cheese and crispy tortillas; white dog with white truffle Aioli, Shellbark Hollow goat cheese and mushroom sauce; backyard dog with ketchup, mustard and grilled potato chips.

If you cannot participate in the event, there are also ways to donate. Until August 16, restaurant guests can enjoy BARC Echo cocktails, and part of the proceeds will be donated to Alpha Bravo Canine. They can also contribute to the dog’s dining out by adding any amount to the bottom of the meal check.

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