Libyan Navy admits dangerous pursuit of migrant ships | Immigration News

Maritime authorities stated that Libyan ships endangered the lives of migrants during the chase in the Mediterranean.

The Libyan maritime authorities admitted that a Libyan Coast Guard ship fired warnings at a migrant ship it was chasing in the Mediterranean, apparently to prevent it from crossing into Europe.

The Libyan Navy issued a statement late on Thursday, condemning “any violation of local and international standards and laws” and promised to hold responsible persons accountable. It added that Libyan ships endangered the lives of migrants during the hunt.

On Thursday, German NGOs Shots released by Marine Observation The video taken from the plane shows that the Libyan Coast Guard is chasing a blue wooden boat equipped with a small engine at high speed with at least two dozen people on board.

During the hunt in the international waters of the Malta Search and Rescue Responsibility Zone, men in uniform on the Libyan ship could be seen shooting at the ship at least twice and the bullet hit the nearby waters.

The Libyan Coast Guard nearly hit the ship several times.

‘Request for explanation’

On Friday, European Commission spokesperson Peter Stano condemned the incident as “worrying” and added that the commission had asked the Libyan government to provide an explanation.

Stano said: “We are checking the facts and circumstances behind the incident. Of course, we will follow up the matter very closely and ask for an explanation, and we will also investigate what happened.”

The European Union trains, equips and supports the Libyan Coast Guard to intercept people trying to cross the central Mediterranean to Europe. So far this year, at least 723 people have died or disappeared on this route due to unseaworthy ships.

From the beginning of the year to June 26, nearly 15,000 men, women and children were intercepted by the Libyan Coast Guard and returned to the Libyan coast, a record number.

The Libyan Navy also pledged in its statement to “fulfil its duty of saving lives at sea and protecting the coast of Libya in accordance with local and international laws and humanitarian standards.”

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