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Data shows that the number of Delta variants of COVID-19 in the UK has increased nearly fourfold

New data shows that the number of Covid-19 Delta variant cases in the UK has increased nearly fourfold in less than a month.

According to data from the Public Health Department of the United Kingdom, a total of 161,981 confirmed and possible Delta variants have been detected in the United Kingdom – an increase of 50,824 cases or 46% from the previous week.

Of the 161,981 cases, 148,538 were in England, 10,185 were in Scotland, 1,749 were in Wales, and 1,509 were in Northern Ireland.

The Delta variant, first discovered in India, continues to account for approximately 95% of confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK.

On June 9, the number of confirmed and probable cases was 42,323. As of June 30, the latest figure was 161,981, almost four times that.

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