Bill Cosby released a live broadcast-the disgraced comedian’s career in Hollywood hangs in the balance, “because no one wants to work with him”

‘Black Label’ against #METOO

It is a leading legal expert Andrew Stottman Tell Fox that the court’s decision is a “black seal” on #MeToo.

“First of all, from the overall point of view, this is a stain on the entire #MeToo movement, because Cosby was basically the beginning of #MeToo, so his belief was overturned. This is a very big problem,” he said.

“At the micro level, I don’t think you can really understand it deeply, because it’s a truly unique pattern of facts — I mean, the prosecutor said Cosby will not be prosecuted — publicly, he said it’s rare .So Cosby relied on this, and then he testified in his testimony.

“Now, under normal circumstances, if Cosby could be prosecuted, he could have resorted to the Fifth Amendment-the right not to incriminate himself, but because the prosecutor said he would not be prosecuted,” Cosby said. explain.

“Cosby allowed himself to be deposed. He couldn’t claim fifth because the prosecutor said he would not be prosecuted. So this is a really narrow model of fact.

“I don’t think Harvey Weinstein or other people in the #MeToo prison can use this pattern of fact, but it is a big problem,” Stoltman admitted.

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