Authorities crack down on illegal leases in Mission Bay

Authorities crack down on illegal leases in Mission Bay


San Diego-Throughout the holiday weekend, Mission Bay expects many rowers and jet skiers. Many people rent their equipment from nearby shops, such as Seaforth Boat Rentals.

“I have more reservations about the July 4th books than ever before,” said owner Andy Kurtz. “So, I’m very happy.”

But if Seaforth doesn’t have to compete with illegal leasing, and it is usually an individual renting out his own equipment, he will be happier. Kurtz said that the price of this approach is usually lower, but it also poses a significant security risk to the relevant personnel.

“Before we let you board that ship, we will make sure you know what you are doing,” he said. “If you rent a house from someone on Craigslist, he will say,’Here you are. Meet you at the launch ramp. Tell me when you are done and I will pick it up. There is no guidance, no instructions on how to operate the vehicle and how to be safe Overview of operations.”

San Diego police and local lifeguards said the problem is getting worse. They plan to conduct additional patrols in the bay this weekend to prevent illegal rentals.

San Diego police officer Joseph Hilton said: “If it is an illegal lease, they will be summoned and the operator and the vessel will be seized.”

The police also reminded anyone under the age of 40 who runs a ship must have a California shipowner’s card.

To apply for the California Crew Card, please visit

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