Bill Cosby’s release from prison on Wednesday caused shock among the broad community of sexual assault survivors and their outspoken supporters. Despite a large amount of conclusive evidence and allegations against Cosby, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected the conviction of the disgraced comedian on procedural grounds—an old agreement that provided criminal immunity for the former Montgomery County prosecutor.

Among those who weighed in on Cosby’s release, actor and former boxer Mickey Locke shared on Instagram a tragic story told by his ex-girlfriend more than 20 years ago. This story contains vivid and disturbing details of Cosby’s alleged sexual assault. In the following Instagram post, Rourke’s account continues to be divided into four parts, which are included in the comments.

Rourke said that he was dating an unnamed young woman who was about 19 years old and heard her crying when she slept at his house one morning. This lady is a successful model. She told him that she met Cosby at a celebrity event and she was sent by her model agency.

Cosby is still a successful figure in the entertainment industry, and he supports this lady’s interest in taking acting courses. Rourke said Cosby invited the lady to exchange phone numbers and plans to have dinner with him and his wife later this week. Locke said that the comedian told the lady that he would help her enter the showbiz.

But a few days later, when the woman went to Cosby’s house alone, Cosby greeted her and told her that his wife was out on errands, Locke continued.

When Cosby and the woman started having dinner, the comedian allegedly asked her if she wanted a glass of wine. The lady refused, but Cosby came back with two glasses and insisted on a toast to the lady’s future acting career. At that moment, Rourke said that the night took a turn:

After a few minutes, they continued to talk about the performance. About 15 minutes later, she said that she started to feel dizzy and a little nauseous (sic). At this time she also began to feel scared and gradually began to feel more panic because she did not feel her Normal self.

She finally said that I needed to go home and I felt uncomfortable. He took her hand and pushed her and said that you will be fine and you need to relax.

Then she said that I really wanted to go home. He stood up and pushed her shoulders and said that you must stay here and you will be fine.

Then he reached out from behind to grab her chest, she was frightened, when she stood up, she was a little trembling, then he put her arms around her waist, put her on the floor, and then climbed onto her , And then she was very scared and said in tears what you are doing and why are you doing this to me.

He just said with a smile, you will like this.

Locke said that Cosby had an argument with the woman, who managed to push him away and tried to run to her car. Cosby allegedly grabbed the woman from behind and pressed against her, trying to pinch her arms and cover her mouth when she screamed. The woman finally broke free and managed to get into her car, where she was able to escape Cosby.

Rourke said that he only dated the woman for about three weeks, but believes that this happened a few months before he met her.

“I told her-did you call the police, did you tell anyone, she said I never told anyone,” Locke wrote. “I looked at her and said absently why you didn’t tell others, her answer was who would believe me, he is a big star, and I am nothing.”

Rourke said that the experience shocked him, and the details of this story have haunted him for years. This account reflects the actions alleged by the Andrea Constand trial and other women who accused Cosby of sexual assault.

Constant, a former employee of Temple University, said that in January 2004, she was drugged and raped by Cosby at her home in Elkins Park. As part of a civil lawsuit settlement reached with Constant in 2006, Cosby testified that when he wanted to do so, he sometimes gave female tranquilizers to have sex with them, even though he claimed that the relationship was consensual .

Cosby gave testimony voluntarily in a civil case because former Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Custer told him that if he testified, he would not face criminal prosecution. Kevin Steele, Custer’s successor to the Justice Department’s office, reopened the case against Cosby and arrested him in 2015, which eventually led to his trial and conviction.

Cosby was sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison, but only served a little more than two years before the state Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday. Because of Custer’s initial assurance to Cosby, the judge believed that the trial should not have taken place.

Locke said he got in touch with the woman who told him this story years ago, Around the time that allegations of sexual assault against Cosby began to accumulate among more than 50 women.Locke said he Ask her if she intends to take action against Cosby, because his momentum is increasing. The woman rejected him, and Rourke said he was angry with her decision until he tried to put himself in her place and understand the weight of her trauma.

Rourke’s anger towards Cosby never dissipated. He said that one of the worst parts of Cosby’s release from prison is that he may never show remorse.

“Well, he used to be a rich man and a celebrity, but now he is just a rapist who lives in shame, but when you can do such terrible things to so many people, I don’t believe these people are living in empathy guilt Or in shame,” Locke said.


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