2 Trial in the drug robbery murder case of a teenager by Rancho Bernardo

2 Trial in the drug robbery murder case of a teenager by Rancho Bernardo



San Diego (CNS)-Two men charged with killing a teenager Run over by a car in a drug-related robbery On Friday, Rancho Bernardo was ordered to stand trial for murder and robbery charges.

Angel Ramirez, 20, and Homer Earl Gibbs, 21, were accused of killing a 16-year-old boy on March 7, 2019, and were only identified as Christian H.

The prosecutor accused the defendant of stealing the victim’s money in front of the victim’s Cresta Drive home and running over the boy’s head with their car while escaping from the scene.

According to Deputy District Attorney Christina Eastman, the victim tried to buy $100 worth of drugs from the defendant who drove to the teenager’s home. She claimed that when the young man handed the money to Ramirez in the back seat, the car sped away.

Eastman said the victim was hung on the open rear window. Ramirez allegedly slapped him in the face and pried his fingers from the window, causing him to fall into the street, where he was run over by a car. Yes, she said.

According to the testimony of the preliminary hearing, the death was initially investigated as a traffic accident, although Snapchat messages found on the victim’s mobile phone indicated that he had tried to buy drugs shortly before being killed.

A co-defendant-21-year-old Joshua Benjamin-was initially arrested with Ramirez and charged with murder and robbery because Benjamin was mistaken for the driver of the vehicle. However, based on the testimony of the preliminary hearing, further investigation revealed that Gibbs was actually driving while Benjamin was allegedly in the back seat of the car.

Gibbs was arrested and charged earlier this year.

Benjamin is currently detained and has requested a higher court to review his case and suspend criminal proceedings before the review result is released.

Defense lawyers for Ramirez and Gibbs stated that due to recent changes in California’s felony murder rules, their clients are not responsible for death, which limits the possible murder charges that criminal participants may face.

The felony murder rules stipulate that if death occurs during the commission of a felony, the person is responsible for the murder.

Shannon Sebeckis, Ramirez’s lawyer, argued that as a vehicle driver, the main cause of the teenager’s death was Gibbs, not her client. Gibbs’ attorney Brian Funk argued that Christian’s seizure of the door was a development that no one could reasonably foresee, and claimed that the revised felony murder law was designed to prevent such cases, he said. Raise misdemeanor thief to murder.

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