Travel on July 4 is expected to be close to pre-pandemic levels

Travel on July 4 is expected to be close to pre-pandemic levels



San Diego-A hotel in Mission Bay reported that 90% of its rooms are fully booked during the holiday weekend, which may indicate something will happen in San Diego before July 4.

“This year is the same as in previous years. July is our absolute peak season in Mission Bay,” said Will Cherashore, general manager of Bahia Resort Hotel. “We expect the occupancy rate this month to reach around 90%.”

He said that the high occupancy rate seems to reflect the situation in most San Diego hotels. In Bahia, he said that most of the guests visiting came from nearby states or California.

“We have seen a lot of accommodations,” Cherashore said. “A lot of California license plates.”

According to a survey conducted by the Southern California Automobile Club, San Diego is the second most popular destination for the July 4th holiday. But San Diego is not the only hot spot. AAA travel expert Doug Shupe said that AAA predicts that 3.3 million Southern Californians will travel on July 4. Las Vegas and several national parks are among the best.

“This will be very close to the pre-pandemic level we saw on July 4, 2019,” Shu Pei said.

Compared with current travel, San Diego International Airport expects the number of passengers this holiday weekend to increase by 10%. However, Shu Pei said that most of Southern California’s travel will be on the road.

“People are ready to go out and explore the United States and explore the world again,” he said.

Due to such high demand, there are insufficient car rentals in some parts of the country and gasoline prices have skyrocketed.

But Shu Pei said that even if prices increase, it is unlikely to deter travelers.


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