The Secretary of Defense opposed Trudeau, Freeland decided to stay as Commander-in-Chief of the Navy

The Secretary of Defense opposed Trudeau, Freeland decided to stay as Commander-in-Chief of the Navy



The Minister of Defense Harjit Sajjan stated that he has full confidence in Lt.-Gen, an acting senior soldier in Canada. Wayne Eyre, and agreed with his decision to retain the commander of the navy—despite criticism from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his deputies.

Trudeau and Cristia Freeland All question whether this is a good idea Al allowed Lieutenant Admiral Craig Baynes to continue his command after participating in a golf game with former Defense Chief of Staff Jonathan Vance, who was investigated by the military and police for misconduct.

In an interview on Thursday, Sajjan now appears to be standing behind Eyre, positioning himself opposite Trudeau and Freeland-he said he will ensure that Baines rebuilds the lost trust CBC News: Canada tonight.

“I have full confidence in him because we know that he will monitor progress very closely,” Sajan said of Al. “He is absolutely committed to ensuring that we create the absolutely necessary cultural change.”

“I agree with the Acting Chief of Defense Staff’s assessment of this. The Navy Commander lacks judgment.”

Sajjan is caught in a political storm due to the crisis of dealing with sexual misconduct. For several weeks, the Conservative Party has been calling on him to resign or asking the general to fire him.As a symbolic move, most members of Congress voted last month Condemned Saji During his six years in office, he found failures in many documents.

The left-wing Sajan said he agreed with Al’s decision to retain the head of the navy, even though Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Christia Freeland publicly criticized the decision. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canada Press)

Freeland was “surprised and disturbed” by Al’s decision

Contrary to Sajan’s comments, Freeland said on Wednesday that she was “surprised and disturbed” by Al’s decision to allow Baines to continue working.

“My immediate thought was,’How would I feel if I were a Canadian woman in the armed forces?'” Freeland said. “What will this decision tell me about the importance my boss attaches to the basic work of changing the world of the Canadian Armed Forces?”

Ayre issued a memo to members of the military on Tuesday, stating that Lieutenant Admiral Craig Baynes and former Defense Chief of Staff Jonathan Vance showed “poor judgment” in golfing, the latter of whom was suspected of being improper. The behavior was subject to military police investigation. But Al believes that Baines can learn from his mistakes and become a better leader. (Adrian Wilder/Canada Press)

Trudeau said that many women and people he talked to were disappointed with Al’s choice.

The Prime Minister said on Wednesday: “This further shows that the work that the military and military leadership need to do is to regain the trust of Canadians, because there is a great need for real and substantive cultural and operational changes.”

Al said he consulted extensively on the decision

Since Trudeau and Freeland publicly condemned, Al has not publicly commented. Al said in the initial memo to members about his choice that he consulted victims, senior civil servants and academics on his decision to allow Baines to redeem himself.

But it is not clear whether Al has negotiated with Sajan. CBC News raised this question to Sajjan’s office, but has not yet received a direct answer.

“There is no perfect answer. I admit that no matter what the decision is, not everyone will agree,” Al said in the memo.

He wrote: “It is commendable that Lieutenant General Baines sincerely and readily admitted his wrong judgment and publicly apologized.”

“Knowing that his moral authority has weakened, he is determined to regain the trust and confidence of everyone through humility and show us how to learn, correct mistakes and become a better leader.”

Baynes apologized again on Wednesday after his first personality trauma survivor made the military sexual trauma survivors upset. He said it was in support of Vance.

“For those of you who want to know how I have such a blind spot, I might be tempted to give you an explanation, but the truth is that I made a serious mistake and hurt many people along the way,” Baines wrote. A statement was issued on Tuesday.

Baines stated that he is committed to seeking change within the military. Although his “behavior was a setback,” he was “grateful” for the opportunity to “atonement.”


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