The police issued another search warrant at the missing mother’s home

The police issued another search warrant at the missing mother’s home


Chula Vista, California-On Thursday afternoon, Chula Vista police investigators issued another search warrant at the home of the local mother Maya Millet, who was missing for nearly six months. mother.

The department stated in a press release that the purpose of the arrest warrant was “to obtain more evidence and clues to understand her current whereabouts.”

The department said: “The Chula Vista Police Department and the multi-agency task force are still committed to bringing May home to reunite with her family or to bring justice to May’s family.”

Neighbors told FOX 5 that they saw the police removed a jeep and other belongings owned by Millet from the garage. Millet’s husband Larry, Not at home at the time of Thursday’s search.

“They drove a jeep, and I hope they can find evidence, which will allow them to find more evidence,” said volunteer searcher Melissa Pimentel (Melissa Pimentel).

The 40-year-old Millet last appeared at around 5 pm, near his home in the 2400 block of Paseo Los Gatos in Chula Vista.The family thought she might be hiking in the canyon behind the house, but Multiple searches in the area with In other parts of the community in weeks and months No trace of her appeared behind.

As of this week, the Chula Vista police report interviewed nearly 70 family members, friends, neighbors and witnesses, and issued 50 search warrants, including homes, vehicles, social media and financial least The two previous search warrants have been served at home On January 11 and May 7, respectively.

According to the department, nearly 100 hints about the possible location of Millett have been reviewed.

Chula Vista Police Chief Roxana Kennedy said in a statement this week: “I am grateful for the community’s strong support for May’s family during this very difficult time.” “Our investigators and multi-agency work. The team has been conducting this investigation non-stop behind the scenes and will continue to work to find Mei or bring justice to Mei’s family.”

Volunteer searcher Shannon Denbow said that investigators are doing all they can to “justify this matter and find answers for this family.”

“Everyone just hopes and prays that the outcome of this event will come together,” Dembo said. “It’s difficult because there is nothing that people can really catch. I’m sure this is why so many people are here (at home), because at least you can see and believe it with your own eyes. So far, since she Since she disappeared on January 7, there has been no clue about her whereabouts.”

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