The Carson Wentz banner outside Lincoln Financial will be removed later this month

The Carson Wentz banner outside Lincoln Financial will be removed later this month



If you have been driving south along I-95 in the past few months, passing by Lincoln Financial Field, it is almost impossible not to notice that someone’s image is still adorning the east side of the stadium on South Darien Street.

That photo is of course the image of former Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (Carson Wentz). It confused and confused many people in the Philadelphia area, including myself, why his banner was after he left. Still hanging on lincoln Traded to the Indianapolis Colts in February.

Well, it seems that the flag of the former first-round draft pick will not stay in South Philadelphia for too long.

According to reports, the Words exhibition outside Lincoln Financial is finally going to be taken off the shelves and will be replaced with new artworks before the start of the training camp later this month. InquirerThe team has not disclosed the characters or content that may appear on the new display currently in production.

This week, after the Eagles season ticket holders posted a photo of what appeared to be cranes starting to dismantle the display, speculation that Wentz’s banner finally fell rose on social media. However, the team denied that the deletion process is actually in progress.

Two years ago, after the No. 2 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft was awarded a four-year, $128 million renewal contract, Wentz’s flag was raised outside Linc, but in the foreseeable future, He almost consolidated his position as the team’s quarterback.

Between the contract and the show, it makes sense for Wentz to be crowned the spokesperson of the organization. As long as he can stay healthy, Wentz has the potential to become an MVP-level quarterback and become the unanimous choice for full-time and professional bowls in the next few years. The team is even willing to let Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles go to ensure that Wentz will spend most of his NFL career in Philadelphia.

Of course, all of this happened before the Hawks accidentally selected quarterback Jalen Hurts in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft. This incident seems to have caused Wentz’s growing dissatisfaction with the organization.

Wentz continued to have a terrible 2020 season, this year he was statistically the worst starting quarterback in the NFL. This resulted in him being substituted for the aforementioned injuries with the remaining four games, and in the end, his relationship with the entire team deteriorated further.

After putting the Eagles on their way to winning Super Bowl LII four seasons ago, the removal of Wentz from Linc’s display is just the latest symbol of his fall from favor with fans and the city. Although no longer employed by the team, the “Philadelphia Special” statues of former coaches Doug Pedersen and Falls are still intact.

The Wentz flag must be removed before fans return to Linc for the preseason and regular season games later this year. Who knows what people will decide to do with his display outside the stadium?

Therefore, one of Wentz’s last marks on the franchise will soon disappear. But he has not completely separated from the Eagles, because the team is currently swallowing the NFL record of 33 million US dollars cap, because he was traded this offseason.

Now we want to know who or what will replace Wentz outside of Linc. If the team goes with another player, it might be a good idea to proceed with caution and choose someone who will stay in the team for a long time, or unless something unforeseen happens, his legacy in the team and the city is Safe and reliable.


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