Stratis Blockchain Platform Releases New Python SDK »CryptoNinjas

Stratis Blockchain Platform Releases New Python SDK »CryptoNinjas



Stratis, a blockchain platform built using C# and .NET, announced the release of a new Python SDK. Importantly, this now enables Python developers to start using Stratis blockchain technology in a programming language they are already familiar with.

Python is one of the most widely used programming languages ??in the world. The development of the Python SDK is an important step for Stratis to expand its influence in alternative products development of community.


Functions, such as constructing and signing transactions, and Smart contract, And get the blockchain status easily Cortex.

STRAX blockchain and Cirrus side chain Also fully supported. Finally, InterFlux Hub supports transactions between Stratis and other blockchains; such as Ethereum.

“We are committed to continuing to develop the Python SDK; and encourage those who are proficient in Python to contribute as much as possible. Further development has begun to expand the functionality to include additional documentation, simplified wallet management, and custom smart contract interactions.”
– Stratis team

The official pyStratis repository is available at GitHub.


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