Six Flags’ El Toro roller coaster partially derails, New Jersey amusement park closed

Six Flags’ El Toro roller coaster partially derails, New Jersey amusement park closed



Due to a partial derailment at the amusement park on Tuesday afternoon, the popular El Toro roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey has been temporarily closed by the State Department of Community Affairs.

A park visitor posted a video on YouTube showing a train carriage parked on a 19-story roller coaster.

“You can only see the wheels above the track,” the woman said in the video, zooming in on the train carriage. When the video was taken, the park guests were still in the car.

DCA spokesperson Lisa Ryan said on Thursday that the incident occurred around 4:20 pm.

“The rear top stop wheel that prevents the train from lifting appears at the top of the track,” Ryan said. “The inspectors of the safety department of DCA Carnival rides have not yet determined the cause of the derailment.”

No one was injured in the incident.

The department has “red marked” the amusement facility, prohibited its operation and placed it under engineering review. The ride will not reopen until the manufacturer provides a report explaining the cause of the accident and what measures need to be taken to resolve it. Intamin Amusement Rides, headquartered in Switzerland, is the designer and manufacturer of El Toro.

The Six Flags Great Adventure website indicated that the ride was temporarily closed.

“The safety of our guests and team members is always our top priority,” said Christine Fitzgerald, spokesperson for Six Flags Great Adventures. “After the ride stops before completing the cycle, all passengers return to the station and leave safely. The ride will remain closed for a full inspection.”

Fitzgerald says The safety system of the train works as designed and the train remains on the track.

Those who took the rides were given passes before queuing to compensate for their time.

El Toro opened in 2006 and was voted the best wooden roller coaster in the world in the Internet roller coaster poll in 2011. It won the same honor again in the 2017 Entertainment Today’s Golden Ticket Awards. There are many hills, the cycling speed reached 70 mph, and the first drop was 176 feet.

The incident happened two weeks later Two guests of Six Flags were hospitalized After the log trough of the sawmill in the park malfunctioned and partially tilted the guests on the boat. The amusement facility is also temporarily closed.


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