Princess Diana’s newest statue-Prince Harry and Prince William are “relaxed” when they reunite at the 60-year-old emotional memorial

Experts say that the “stubborn” Prince William and Prince Harry and Princess Diana jointly declared that they have taken an important step in healing the rift

Prince William and Prince Harry issued a joint statement to pay tribute to their late mother Princess Diana, who unveiled her special statue in London today.

A royal expert said that their unified message implies that they have taken an “important step” in healing the rift.

Expert Duncan Larcomb told Fabulous: “In the weeks before the event, the palace was really worried that they would make their own statement, just like they did when the Duke of Edinburgh died.

“For most of their adult lives, William and Harry always made joint statements on all matters related to their mothers. That’s why William and Harry issued a joint statement last month after investigating the BBC’s Diana interview. The reason they were so shocked by their own different statements.

“The conditions of William and Harry are so bad that they cannot even make a joint statement on such an important occasion. This has always been unthinkable. However, by paying tribute to their mother and celebrating her 60th birthday side by side, William and Harry are healing them It’s an important step forward in terms of the rift in the country.”

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