Philadelphia’s eviction transfer program extended to August 31; requires landlords and tenants to participate in mediation

Philadelphia’s eviction transfer program extended to August 31; requires landlords and tenants to participate in mediation



According to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling, Philadelphia landlords who want to evict tenants who do not pay rent will have to continue to participate in the diversion plan first for most of the summer.

The eviction transfer program was created by the Philadelphia City Council at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.In a way, this is a response to the city Landlord and Tenant Court closed. It also aims to avoid a surge in the number of homeless people due to overcrowding People who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

The plan was extended to August 31.It requires landlords and tenants to mediate and apply for rent assistance to help them recover lost fundsThen wait 45 days before filing an eviction petition in court.

Judge Max Baer granted in an order issued on Wednesday Philadelphia City Court’s Request Expansion of the deportation transfer plan, the local judge has said that the plan helps protect the resources of the municipal court system, while it continues to operate under judicial emergencies.

The Philadelphia eviction transfer program has been extended several times during the pandemic, the most recent being in April, and it will expire at the end of Request extension, Judge Patrick F. Dugan, President of the Philadelphia City Court, also pointed out that Eviction transfer plan “It has succeeded and promoted the judicial management of landlord and tenant cases.”

Dugan said that as of Wednesday, the court had approved more than 2,000 work stoppages, and when the applicable expulsion ban was lifted, there were more than 900 outstanding work stoppages “coming soon”.Philadelphia suspends evictions Expires on Wednesday. last Thursday, The ban from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Extend to July 31.

Dugan later added: “It is expected that the court will be overwhelmed by an eviction case due to non-payment of rent. The continuation of the Philadelphia City Court Transfer Program will enable the court to manage the backlog of evictions and anticipated use by landlords and tenants. At that time, a claim for possession based on unpaid rent was filed.

As of Wednesday, the city has received more than 33,000 Rent assistance applicationAccording to Dugan, he told the court that there are approximately 25,000 applications awaiting review, and $100,000,000 in federal rental assistance funds are still available.

Since the creation of the Philadelphia Eviction and Transfer Program, more than 2,300 pairs of landlords and tenants have met with mediators and housing consultants. As of Friday, about 57% of landlords and tenants have reached an agreement or agreed to continue negotiations. Inquirer.

The U.S. Department of Justice cited Philadelphia’s plan in a letter last week. State Supreme Court Judges across the country, Urged the implementation of similar strategies across the country to prevent large-scale deportations.


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