Military inspectors redouble their efforts in the dispute with DND, demanding the restoration of consumption capacity

Military inspectors redouble their efforts in the dispute with DND, demanding the restoration of consumption capacity



The Canadian military inspector-who recently accused the Liberal government of interfering in the ongoing investigation-increased the risk of his behind-the-scenes struggle with the Department of Defense.

In letters exchanged with the Deputy Secretary of Defense and the Acting Chief of Staff of the Department of Defense in the past week, Gregory Lick stated that he was willing to discuss the issues raised in a severe position paper, and he claimed that the department was trying to “control” him What is your office doing.

However, he stated that he was dissatisfied with the Ministry of Justice’s explanation of its alleged intervention in the employment fairness investigation currently underway by the Office of the Ombudsman.

Lick wrote in a letter dated June 24: “The best case is that the officials of each of your employees have shown a lack of understanding of the role of the inspector-the worst case is interference.” This problem must be solved. “

Watch: Military inspectors demand complete independence

Canadian military inspectors have called for major changes in the military after years of complaints of misconduct. Gregory Lick published a position paper today, calling for his office to be completely independent. 8:42

Lick also insisted in messages to Deputy Secretary Jody Thomas and the Chief of Defense Staff Lieutenant General. Wayne Eyre believes that specific financial institutions taken from his predecessor Gary Walbourne must be restored.

Six years ago, due to a highly critical Auditor-General’s report, the Office of the Ombudsman lost control of certain financial and human resources functions. The right to spend—some of which affected the scale and scope of the investigation—was taken away from the inspector and approved by the deputy minister.

In an interview with CBC News in 2019, Walborn expressed deep dissatisfaction with the loss of authority. He cited this point and argued with the Secretary of Defense Harjit Sajjan on the allegations of misconduct by the former Chief of Defense Staff Jonathan Vance, which was the reason for his early retirement.

Gary Walburn, former Canadian military inspector. (Ashley Burke/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

Walborn said: “In the roughly 8 or 10 months I took office, I was sitting there without the approval of the finance or human resources department signed by the deputy minister.”

“So when you take away the tools that allow you to do this work, you can’t get the minister to talk about important topics with the audience… At a point in time, you have to consider whether I can do any further good things.”

His successor has now chosen the same struggle, using restrictions as an example of further interference.

“Deputy can take some measures [minister] Reduce interference with our business while ensuring proper accountability,” Lick wrote.

A series of ongoing investigations into sexual misconduct in the military has triggered unusual and politically significant criticisms from the Office of the Ombudsman.

Lick told reporters on June 22: “The unstable behavior of the leadership violates common sense or reason. The concept of ministerial accountability has been missing.”

In addition to calling for the restoration of the independence of his office, Lick also provides support to employees who face disciplinary action after an internal investigation under Walbourne’s leadership.

In 2018, DND conducted a closed-door and extensive review of complaints of mismanagement, nepotism and misuse of public funds. The findings criticized Walbourne and three other staff members-one of them referred the matter to the Federal Court a year later.

Melanie Chapman, the former investigative director of the regulatory agency, won her lawsuit, and a federal judge also believed that she was treated unfairly by the Department of Defense investigation.

Two other staff members who are still working in the Ombudsman’s Office have unresolved unresolved grievances.

“Apart from the unfairness of the initial process, the failure to close the file with a clear statement of non-improper conduct is ironic,” Lick wrote.


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