Live Broadcast-Megan McCain’s “Quit Smoking Show” will be broadcasted today, four years later, and will “end at the end of July”

Who are Megan’s siblings?

John McCain had four biological children in two marriages-Sidney, Megan, Jack and Jimmy.

The American veteran also adopted his first wife Carol, two sons Doug and Andy, and later adopted a baby named Bridget from Bangladesh.

Sidney McCain is John’s eldest biological daughter. He and his first wife Carroll gave birth to her.

She is 51 years old and works in the music business in Toronto.

James is the youngest child when John is 30 years old.

Both he and his 32-year-old brother Jack served in the military

John adopted 58-year-old Douglas McCain, who is now the captain of American Airlines—previously serving as a naval pilot.

He also adopted Douglas’ 56-year-old brother Andy, who works for Hensley & Co., their family distribution company.

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