Even our children are perfect angels 99% of the time (of course Is not Situation), we still have a few days when they will completely catch us to the wall…this is just being a part of parents.

One person who knows this is Laura Mazza, the mother of three.


Laura hits back at moms who criticize everything from her kids’ screen time to their chicken nuggets dinnerImage source: themumontherun_/Instagram

for Kidspot.au.com, Laura from Melbourne hit back at the Internet trolls who labeled her “Bad Mom”.

“No matter how many times someone tells you you are a good mother, you won’t always believe it,” she said angrily. “But it takes someone to say that you are a c**p before you can be sure that you are.

“A person who jokingly refers to children as ****** one day after they become ****** will treat you as if they were a monster.”

After experiencing the humiliation of her mother, Laura shot back at her parents because she even stared at her while looking at her mobile phone on the playground.

Laura is the mother of three children from Melbourne


Laura is the mother of three children from MelbourneCredit: itslauramazza/Instagram

More importantly, this mother who has nearly 40,000 fans Instagram -Said she also had to put up with people commenting on her child’s screen time.

Not to mention the relatives who warned her not to give Luca, six-year-old, Sofia, four-year-old and two-year-old James chicken nuggets.

Most importantly, the mother mentioned another example. A parent from her school reported to the PTA that she was wearing a dressing gown and slippers to return the car in the morning.

Laura continued: “There is no parent in the world who does not succumb to an iPad or a mobile phone, no one does not say’FFS’ in their breath, no one does not hold a phone while pushing them. The kid on the swing, not one There is no one who has lost it after a long day.”

Someone needs to say that you are a c**p to make you sure that you are. A person looks at you as if you are a monster, if you jokingly call your child a ******, after the day they become******

In a speech to other parents, Laura said that as long as she continues to love and support her children, any trivial criticism she receives is not important.

She added: “Am I a bad mother? No, I’m incredible. Are you a bad mother? No. You are incredible.

“They got you, in the long run, all of you. Imperfect and perfect, you will love and support them until the day you die.”

Last December, Laura revealed She doesn’t let other children play with her children’s toys.

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I was humiliated by my mother for wearing a short skirt and a transparent top. The troll said I looked like a whore, but I knew I was a good mother.


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