Eagles 2021 training camp preview: quarterback

Eagles 2021 training camp preview: quarterback



In the next three weeks or so (basically when there is no other news to report), we will look at every player on the Philadelphia Eagles roster and how they adapt to the team’s entry into training camp.

As always, we will start with the quarterback factory.

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Jaylen is injured Joe Flacco Nick Mullens

Jaylen is injured

Earlier in this offseason, we took Learn more about Hurts’ 2020 season, So go check it out, thank you. For those who are too lazy to check, the key is that although Hurts has many advantages (physical and mental toughness, composure, running ability, leadership traits, etc.), he also has a serious and potentially fatal flaw, that is, lack of accuracy. Sex.

In OTA, during the limited time we watched the exercise, the focus seemed to be the accuracy exercise, as shown below:

In the 2020 training camp, Hertz often runs with football instead of offense, which is a kind of support for rookie quarterbacks with running ability. This method is not very helpful in a practical environment. When he was the No. 3 quarterback in the training camp and he was just under his NFL sea leg, it was good, but as a starter, he would have to attack in the same way that he and young technical position players are around. He can Start to master Nick Sirianni’s plan.

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The Hawks need to have a clearer understanding of their performance in injury so that they can guide them accordingly on how to use their two (possibly three) 2022 first-round picks. Of course, his performance in real games in 2021 will be the biggest determining factor, but the evaluation of Hurts is already underway and will continue to increase throughout the rest of the summer.

Joe Flacco

Just like we did with Hurts, we also took Learn more about Joe Flacco’s four starters In the Jets last season. Spoiler alert: This is ugly. For some reason I will never understand (you may all be tired of my growth), the Eagles gave Flacco a $3.5 million deposit (a chance to make $7.5 million), considering this is purely crazy Flacco Last year he made only $1,562,500 with the Jets, which means that after Flacco’s 0-4 season as a starter, the Hawks gave him 224% of his salary, and it seems that in the process very bad.

Settle down, Jimmy. You promised that you would never do it again.

Well, anyway, Flacco is second. It might be bad if he has to play.

Nick Mullens

After the Hawks gave up undrafted free agent Jamie Newman, their third quarterback position has a vacancy, and it is clear that they will increase Someone Before the training camp. Someone became the 26-year-old Mullens, his career starting record was 5 wins and 11 losses. In 2020, he has a 2-6 record, including a loss to the Eagles. In this season, he made 211 shots (64.7%) of 326 shots for 2,437 yards (7.5 YPA), with 12 TDs, 12 INTs and a QB rating of 84.1.

Mullens is likely to become No. 3, but there are enough reasons to think he is better than Flacco, at least in their respective career stages. It remains to be determined whether the Hawks legally regard Mullens as a contender for Flacco’s main bench.

Mullens’s pricing cap is USD 970,000 in 2021, only 200,000 USD security deposit.

Outlook for 2021

Hurts may have to believe without a doubt that he should become the franchised quarterback of the team in 2021, otherwise the Hawks will likely explore long-term answers through drafts or trades in 2022. If Hertz proves that he can be that person, the Hawks will (probably) have three first-round picks to improve the lineup around them. If not, some combination of these choices will be allocated to the factory.

At the same time, the Hawks hope that Carson Wentz will stay healthy in Indianapolis and play well enough to not be substituted.

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