Donaldson seeks to cancel the Northern Ireland agreement “within a few weeks”

Donaldson seeks to cancel the Northern Ireland agreement “within a few weeks”



Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, the new leader of the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland, said on Thursday that he would push for the dismantling of the disputed post-Brexit customs border in the Irish Sea within “a few weeks.”

Donaldson, senior Westminster MP and Third person Leading the DUP in less than two months, using his inaugural speech as the leader of the party to adopt a combative tone on the Northern Ireland Protocol, which is part of the Brexit Treaty, which avoided the establishment of the island of Ireland The need for hard boundaries.

Diplomats in Brussels and London have been working to defuse tensions in the agreement, which keeps Northern Ireland in the EU’s single goods market and checks the flow of goods between the UK and the region.On Wednesday, the UK and the EU reached an agreement Three months extension Grace period so that frozen meat can be imported without inspection.

Although Donaldson’s predecessor Edwin Putz said he would take a gradual approach, the new leader of the DUP said his goal was to dismantle the border “in the coming weeks.”

When asked if he would overthrow the power-sharing government in Stormont in the region if he was unsuccessful, Donaldson said: “I won’t use these words. I’m not here to say this is what I want to do this morning. Far from it… I don’t want to be in that space, but I have to be realistic.”

Unionists believe that the agreement deprives them of the right to freely obtain goods from other parts of the UK, which is an attack on their British identity.

Donaldson stated that the border has caused “instability” and the UK has a responsibility to work to restore balance in the region, as does Ireland. It cannot support a policy that hurts Northern Ireland by looking forward to a good relationship with Belfast.

In addition to stopping customs inspections, the MPs did not propose alternatives to the current arrangements, but provided an example of “I planted some seeds in her garden by an elderly voter in Lisbon” to prove that the British goods entering Northern Ireland are For domestic use, it should not be subject to any inspection.

“This is not about the integrity of the EU single market, but about punishing the UK because they dare to leave the EU, but about using Northern Ireland as a stick to defeat the UK. This must stop,” he said.

The new DUP leader stated that the decision of the High Court on Wednesday to dismiss the unionists’ doubts about the legitimacy of the agreement was “clearly clear” that the agreement “undermines the union bill, which is the foundation of our relationship with the UK”. Unionists will challenge the ruling, which, among other things, found that the 2018 Withdrawal Act overturned the 1800 Union Act.

Donaldson also warned that the parliamentary elections in May next year will be regarded by some as “a referendum on the border polls, which will divide Northern Ireland into division and instability.”

According to opinion polls, Stormont’s second largest party and the most popular nationalist party Sinn Fein is pushing for a vote on a unified Ireland. Donaldson said that unionists should unite to “resist this threat.”

He admitted that in recent months, when the Democratic Unionist Party angered the two leaders in fierce infighting, they were “not the proudest people in our party’s history” and “not only let the public, but also our own support. The person lost patience”. “I want to apologize to the public for this.”


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