Xcapit, a crypto investment wallet developer built on the RSK network, announced the integration of RIF tokens. This allows RIF holders to earn income in the non-custodial way inherent in Bitcoin.

By integrating their Binance account with Xcapit, Xcapit Wallet allows users to use RIF to generate automatic investment strategies, and users can also connect to the real economy by allowing them to convert fiat currency to RIF, and vice versa (using Kripton API).

“When we designed Xcapit, we thought that financial models could also be used for other assets. We believe that RIF provides many new infrastructure services through the RSK network, which will accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin DeFi. RIF will allow the use of the RSK infrastructure framework. People have achieved results in this area. We are very happy to be able to work with this amazing project.”
– CEO of Xcapit, Jose Ignacio Trajtenberg

Since its launch, Xca??pit represents an important step forward for Bitcoin-based decentralized finance (DeFi), and its growth has helped drive the significant adoption of RSK. Bitcoin-based two-layer protocol.

“We are very happy to integrate Xcapit with RIF, which will provide new opportunities for RIF token holders. It’s really amazing to experience the speed of development of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem, launch more products, and achieve wider adoption. Exciting.”
-CEO of IOV Labs, Diego Gutierrez Zardiva

RIF token

Access and payment RIF operating system The service is based on the RIF token, which allows developers to access the service suite built on top of RIF RSK Infrastructure framework agreements, such as identity, payment, gateway, storage and communication, including any infrastructure services developed by third parties.


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