Crypto gold trading platform SFOX adds new user experience upgrade

Crypto gold trading platform SFOX adds new user experience upgrade



SFOX, a prime number Cryptocurrency trading platform, Today announced some of the latest upgrades to its applications. These new implementations include features that help simplify and improve the user experience.

Check out the new update below:

address book

SFOX users can now easily add withdrawal addresses and manage their address book from the address page or the withdrawal process. Searching for saved addresses by alias means that users no longer have to worry about copying and pasting addresses during the withdrawal process.

Depth map

The newly implemented performance updates will help SFOX’s visualization tools to be more effective in trading. Please note that traders will not notice any new visual effects on the depth chart, however, the experience will be more active, the update speed will be faster, and the browser will use less work.

Deposit flow asset selector

Now the number of clicks between traders and their deposits has decreased. This will help users deposit funds into their SFOX account easier than ever. Now, when making a deposit, users will be able to elegantly and conveniently view the top assets they may deposit-instead of a single default value.

Deposit flow has now improved.


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