Coronavirus: What happened in Canada and around the world on Thursday

Coronavirus: What happened in Canada and around the world on Thursday




Alberta is Remove almost all COVID-19 restrictions Thursday is the third and final phase of its reopening plan.

Two weeks ago, the province reached the threshold set by the government for reopening-70% of the eligible population received the first dose of the vaccine. This number is now as high as 72%, and more than 38% of people have received the recommended two injections.

Large-scale events like the Calgary Stampede can continue, and there is no longer a ceiling for indoor or outdoor gatherings in restaurants, shops and places of worship.

Edmonton’s mask regulations will be lifted on Thursday, synchronizing with the repeal of provincial authorizations, but Calgary’s mask regulations will continue until July 5.

It is still necessary to wear masks in public transportation, taxi and Uber ride-hailing services, as well as continuous care and emergency care facilities.

Although shoppers in the capital do not have to wear masks, many store managers said their employees will temporarily wear masks.

Jonn Gluwchynski, the owner of the Edmonton hairdressing salon and hair salon, said he would take extra precautions before most people get two doses of the vaccine.

“I can’t cut my hair six or ten feet away from the guest, you know, I am in front of you.”

Watch | Experts say, don’t take off the mask for now:

Respirologist Dr. Samir Gupta said that with the opening of Canada, masks are our “last line of defense” against the highly spread COVID-19 delta variant. (Ben Nilms/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) 1:39

Kelly Hodgson, operations manager of United Sport & Cycle, said that people in the store should keep a distance of two meters, even if the province no longer requires it.

“We will still have social distancing signs on the floor and on the door.”

Hodgson let his employees and customers decide to wear masks, but he said he fully believes that this is not the end of masks, although the staff will remove the signs, “We just said that we will not throw them away.”

Alberta Report 2 new deaths and 76 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday.

What’s happening in canada

As of 7 am Eastern Time on Thursday, Canada has reported 1,415,284 confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 7,087 are considered active. The death toll on CBC News is 26,295. To date, more than 37.2 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been vaccinated across the country. CBC’s vaccine tracker.

in Manitoba Health officials report 70 new cases on Wednesday And two other people died.

west, Saskatchewan 31 new cases reported, in spite of British Columbia Report 44 cases.

Ontario Another 14 deaths were reported on Wednesday and 184 new COVID-19 cases.

in Quebec On Wednesday, health officials reported that 126 new COVID-19 cases And three other people died.

On Wednesday in Atlantic Canada, New Brunswick Report Three new COVID-19 cases, As Nova Scotia Four new cases reported. Pei No new cases have been reported.

Watch | The psychological impact of the pandemic and efforts to restore “normal”:

Psychiatrist Dr. Steven Taylor and professor of biomedical engineering Danilo Bzdok discussed how self-isolation changes the chemistry of our brains and why it makes it difficult for some Canadians to “return to normal.” 5:11

Newfoundland and Labrador, While reporting A new COVID-19 case appeared on Wednesday, Just the day before the province began to welcome more tourists from Canada.

In the entire north, no new cases have been reported Nunavut or North-west region on Wednesday.Health officials in Yukon Territory No figures for the day were reported.

What is happening around the world

According to published data, as of Thursday morning, more than 182.2 million COVID-19 cases have been reported worldwide. Johns Hopkins University In the U.S. The reported global death toll exceeds 3.9 million.

New COVID-19 cases drop in 10 weeks Europe The head of WHO Europe, Dr. Hans Kluge, said at a press conference on Thursday that if citizens and legislators do not “maintain discipline,” the new wave of infections is over and a new wave of infections will be over. Inevitable.

Kruger pointed out that the number of infections increased by 10% last week due to “increased mixing, travel, gatherings, and relaxation of social restrictions.”

He cautioned that by August, the highly transmissible Delta variant is expected to become the main variant in 53 countries.

He said that about 63% of people in the area have not received the first shot.

He told reporters in Copenhagen: “Therefore, the three conditions for a new wave of excessive hospitalization and death before autumn have been put in place: new variants, insufficient vaccination, and increased social integration.”

Africa vaccine promise failed

in Africa, The African Union special envoy responsible for leading the procurement of COVID-19 vaccines for the African continent is hitting Europe as Africa is struggling in the third wave of infections.

Strive Masiyiwa said on Thursday, “Without a dose, not a bottle, I have left the European factory for Africa.”

Masiyiwa also targeted COVAX’s global efforts to distribute vaccines to low- and middle-income countries, accusing COVAX of concealing key information, including the failure of major donors to fulfill funding commitments. He did not disclose the names of the donors.

The African continent with a population of 1.3 billion is now in the third wave of infections that the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called “extremely aggressive.”

Masiyiwa stated that COVAX has pledged to provide 700 million doses of vaccine to Africa by December. But in the middle of the year, Africa only received 65 million doses. The dose obtained through COVAX is less than 50 million doses.

inside Asia-PacificOn Thursday, hundreds of vaccinated foreign tourists arrived in the Thai resort town of Phuket, the first group of tourists under a pilot program aimed at revitalizing the tourism industry destroyed by the pandemic.

On July 1, the hotel driver waited for passengers at Phuket Airport because the Thai resort island cancelled the quarantine regulations for overseas tourists who had been vaccinated against COVID-19. (Jorge Silva/Reuters)

Under the “Phuket Sandbox” program, foreign tourists who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will not need to be quarantined for any time and can move freely on the island.

After 14 days, if the three coronavirus tests they have to perform are negative, they can travel to other parts of the country.


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