Chuggs and Liam are entering the villa tonight because the bosses attacked the evil troll after Chloe received death threats

After making fun of Hugo Hammond, fans expressed anger at Chloe Cave on Love Island

Last night, after Chloe Burrow made a nasty comment on his bedding, Love Island fans hurriedly defended Hugo Hammond.

The 25-year-old financial services marketing executive was chatting with the girls to discuss who she would choose to work with-but soon ruled out the possibility of a physical education teacher.

Katz asked Chloe: “Who do you want to sleep with?”

Chloe answered with a smile: “Hugo, no, I’m joking.”

One person wrote: “Why does Chloe disrespect Hugo at all, saying that she would choose him for some kind of boobies…not suitable for licking his boots.”

Another added: “After Chloe said Hugo, I wanted her out. That’s not someone I think should be an influencer. First she went to bed with a married man, and then she attacked Hugo—put her Get out!!! #loveIsland. “

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