Chris Whitty’s latest video – 24-year-old Yob Lewis Hughes lost his job as a real estate agent after an illness and harassment video went viral

A YOB real estate agent was fired for his role in a shocking video showing Chris Whitty being harassed and rough treated in the street.

Lewis Hughes and Jonathan Zhou, both 24 years old, were called “despicable thugs” by Boris Johnson Attack on the Chief Medical Officer of England.

Job Hughes now apologized through the Sun Report and said: “I have paid for my work.”

He revealed that the covidiot louts participated in an anti-vaccine march in London on Sunday when they found 55-year-old Whitty in St. James’s Park.

A shocking 18-second video showed that the couple caught the health director and made him obviously worried about his safety, and then went viral on the Internet, shocking and shocking people all over the world.

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